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Face Slapping / Trampling Collection 1
  • Face Slapping / Trampling Collection 1
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: $39.99 USD
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Added:  01/18/2011

Face Slapping / Trampling Collection 1

A Lesson in Motivation
Face Slapping/Leather Fetish - Earlier in the day, slave jay plays as Domina Lexia's pony but he allows his Mistress to nearly slide off of his right side. Lexia decides slave jay's right side needs a lesson in motivation. She slips on Her leather gloves and viciously slaps slave jay's face over and over and over again. His lip is busted, he becomes disoriented, yet Domina Lexia Talionis continues to whale on Her pathetic slave. She performs intense face slapping while wearing Her leather boots, pants, gloves, and DeMask 7-buckle corset.

Punishing the Failure pt 1
The Queen of Mean, Lexia Talionis, New York City's premier fetish model and professional dominatrix, is back with some seriously sadistic trampling. She's dressed herself in lovely black PVC, featuring some very sexy buckle-up heels - made for trampling, stomping, scratching, scraping, and torturing. "You're supposed to be the masochist. You're supposed to like it! You're not allowed to be the sadist, so take it or get lost! Stop complaining like a fuckin' baby." Ms Lexia has apparently had one hell of a bad day and she's taking it all out on her slave, who's spent most of the day complaining and being a good-for-nothing. "Quit whining. Pussy. Maybe I'll break your little neck." She says and she stabs her sharp heels into his back and sides, leaving quite a red mess in their wake. "Since you're wussing out on me, I don't know what good you are to me. Do I need to trade you in?" And to think, this is just the warm-up!!!

Punishing the Failure pt 2
You sure as hell don't want to fail super-sadist, Mistress Lexia Talionis, but slave jay has made that fatal mistake. Slave jay, one of the east coasts darkest masochists, finds out just how easily broken he can be under the beautiful, but powerful heels of Domina Lexia. (This clip is incredibly edgy and should only be viewed by those with strong stomachs.)

Breaking In The Gloves (Ms. Jin - Bonus) / Produced by Mistress Lexia Talionis
Mistress Jin has purchased several pair of leather gloves. She decides to break them in by using each pair to brutally face slap (and face punch!) her slave. Mistress Jin teases her slave by demanding he smell her leather gloves before suddenly punching him in the face. (10 minutes of brutal face slapping/punching + several pair of beautiful leather & fur gloves for the glove fetishist in you).

99 Bottles of Beer
Lexia gives her slave a beer when he comes to visit. He attempts to take advantage of Lexia's graciousness. As his punishment, Lexia tramples her slave in her black stockings and leather dress while making him sing 99 Botles of Beer. Each time Lexia's slave messes up the song or misses a number, Lexia busts him in his nuts with her beautiful stocking feet! (Pantyhose/stockings domination, ballbusting, trampling, leather fetish, humiliation)

99 Bottles of Beer Turns to 8,000
Part 2 of 99 Bottles of Beer!

Hard Core Trampling/Face Slapping/Boot-Shoe Worship/Glove Worship + MORE!!!

Ball Frickin' Busted DVD Pack
  • Ball Frickin' Busted DVD Pack
  • Length: 70 minutes
  • Price: $59.99 USD
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Added:  12/28/2010

Ball Frickin' Busted DVD Pack

Ball Frickin' Busted Part 1

slave shows up for a little CBT session and ends up being heavily ball busted! He's strung up to the chains on the ceiling as Mistress Lexia racks him in the nuts over and over again with her very pointy, black leather New Rock boots.

Ball Frickin' Busted Part 2

In part1, slave showed up for a little CBT session and ended up heavily ball busted. Here in part2, Mistress Lexia smacks slave's nuts with her crop over and over again until he's doing the "flamingo stance". slave moans, groans, and screams and yells. Mistress laughs and hits slaves balls some more. Don't worry, this is just a cruel start to a very long session with Mistress Lexia...

Ball Frickin' Busted Part 3

In part 3, Mistress Lexia ties one of slave's legs up. He's strung up like a puppet and Mistress Lexia is the puppet master... errr, puppet Mistress. Lexia attaches clothespins to slaves d.i.c.k. While the pins are still attached, Lexia flogs slaves privates. He cries and struggles but he cannot even close his legs to avoid the harsh floggings. Ms Lexia rips the clothespins away, and then slaves balls begin to bead up with b.l.o.o.d.....

Ball Frickin' Busted Part 4 B.l.o.o.d.y. Paint Stick

This is part 4 of ball frickin' busted series. Features Ms Lexia's slave completely tied up to the chains on the ceiling, blind folded and gagged. slave's completely bound and helpless! Lexia tightly ties up slave's c.o.c.k. and balls and then beats them with random objects - her favorite object ends up being a paint stick, which by the end of the clip, is spattered with slave's b.l.o.o.d.

Ball Frickin' Busted Part 5 My Boots To Your Nuts

This is part 5 of a 5 part series called "ball frickin' busted". "My Boots To Your Nuts" features Mistress Lexia Talionis severely ball busting and ball smashing/stomping/trampling with her very pointy toed, black leather, steel heel boots. She chains her slave's hands and feet together behind his back and then kicks him and stomps him in the nuts over and over again!

Flying Penis

A short, but hilarious ball busting clip. A must-have for any -hard Mistress Lexia fan! Mistress is apparently now bored. She allows her slave to make a request. He takes Mistress up on her offer. And it goes a little something liiiiiikkkkeeeee.....

Rendevous Red Ball Busting

Mistress Lexia is back for more ball busting! Lexia's slave sucks at painting his Mistress' toe-nails. There's no polish remover and Mistress Lexia's stuck with poorly painted toe-nails. Her slave's punishment is severe ball busting and dick crushing! Lexia's featured wearing a skin tight dress and thigh high boots.

Rendevous Red Ball Busting.... Again

Mistress Lexia Talionis ties her slave's hands, feet, and nuts together. She viciously ball busts and stabs her slave's swollen nuts with her high heels. (Bondage, ball busting, CBT)

Interview W/Lexia Talionis

A fun interview with Mistress Lexia Talionis. Why does she adore what she does? When did she first realize she was a sadist? How long can she walk around the mall before her legs give out? What's all this about shock collars?

Serious Lack of Fun(ds)

This is a ballbusting/CBT clip. This clip features Ms Lexia in a catsuit. Non-stop, HARSH ballbusting/CBT action. Ms Lexia's slave is short 25.00.... now he'll have to pay (in more ways than one)!

10 Videos on one handy, kinky little DVD!!!!!!

The Beatings Of...
  • The Beatings Of...
  • Length: 70 minutes
  • Price: $59.99 USD
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Category:  WHIPPING

Added:  11/17/2010

The Beatings Of...

This DVD Includes:
the BEATING of thomas - the movie
The Beating of Thomas - The Movie includes: 1. Birthday Floggers (Homeade for PAIN)
Mistress Lexia's friend has created a set of floggers. Lexia needs to break them in. The floggers are made of heavy rope, the ends burnt, so that they cut when they make contact. thomas is tied to Mistress Lexia's coffee table as she flogs the hell out of him.
2. Phone Book Flogger Mistress Lexia has tied tom to her coffee table and now she's going to beat him with a huge, heavy black flogger. Lexia warns tom being hit with the flogger is like being hit with a stack of phone books! Mistress Lexia slams tom with the phone book flogger over and over again! Perhaps the flogger weighs more than the Mistress?!
3. This Is Going To Hurt (beaten with the leather strap) "This is going to hurt...." Mistress Lexia warned slave thomas in the last clip...,,
Mistress Lexia Talionis whips her slave with a leather strap until he cannot stand anymore.... and then she keeps going regardless! slave thomas is used to foot worship but today he ends up tied to Mistress Lexia's coffee table as he gets the beating of his life! Lexia threatens to bring out even MORE tools with which to beat thomas. slave tom struggles, but he isn't going anywhere... (whipping/leather straps/flogging/domination/bondage/bdsm/domination/struggling)
4. Tossing the Salad (Beaten w/the Riding Crops!) Lexia Talionis has 2 riding crops and one h.o.r.s.e.... errr, slave. Mistress Lexia uses her sadistic creativity to give slave thomas a h.o.r.s.e. tail, and then crops him with two crops, taunting and laughing the entire time. Lexia crops every part of thomas' body, from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet.... but all along, Lexia's readying thomas to be severely caned!
5. The Job Interview (Caning) "This is going to do you in!" Lexia warns slave thomas.... thomas is going to be interviewed for a foot-slave position. Mistress Lexia Talionis expects only excellence.... perfection! Will thomas get through the severe caning that Mistress Lexia brings down in order to get the position? Lexia asks all the questions, and she demands the right answers: "What sets you apart from the rest?" she asks, "this is a job interview, thomas, don't you want the job?!" thomas' ass is caned until it's ready to b.l.e.e.d. He's going to need medical coverage! (30 Minutes total) WHIPPING/CANING MADNESS!!!!!


Beating The $hit Outta' John
Beating The $hit Outta' john is an awesome clip combo featuring:
1-2-3-Kick!, Spring Sandals Ballbusting, Cotton Panty Pillow Pounding, I'm Insulted, & Oh, Boo Hoo!. 40 mins of video!!! BALLBUSTING MANIA!!!!!

Ballbusted For F*cking Up! - The Movie
  • Ballbusted For F*cking Up! - The Movie
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Price: $29.99 USD
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Added:  11/16/2010

Ballbusted For F*cking Up! - The Movie

This DVD includes:
Ballbusted for F*cking Up! Part 1
Mistress Lexia and her good friend have been waiting a long time for paul to show up with dinner. paul has "car troubles" and delivers Mistress Lexia's food a little too late. Lexia mercilessly ballbusts paul for his mistakes. paul will b.l.e.e.d. for his Mistress (and her friend)..... she'll make sure of it!
SERIOUS BALLBUSTING, no b.s.! You won't find squeamish girls prancing around, afraid to SERIOUSLY bust balls. Just full on hard core ball busting!

Ballbusted For F*cking Up! Part 2
... and the ballbusting madness continues!
Lexia mercilessly ballbusts paul for his mistakes. paul will b.l.e.e.d. (literally) for his Mistress! In Part 1, Lexia's slave won't keep his legs apart, so Lexia uses the wooden spreader bar as a solution. Lexia ties her slave's feet to the ends of the bar, and now he has no choice.... he must take the ballbusting he has coming!

Slapped In The Balls (Ballbusted For F*cking Up! Part 3)
Hardcore ball punching/slapping leading up to ball caning!!! It took a three part video for Mistress Lexia Talionis to feel somewhat satisfied with her slave's punishment! Endless ballbusting in parts 1 and 2, and now in part 3, ball punching and slapping! (Plus bonus footage!)

LexiaTalionis.com EXCLUSIVE footage:

Teaching Evelyn a Lesson / Electric Slut - DVD Pack
  • Teaching Evelyn a Lesson / Electric Slut - DVD Pack
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: $39.99 USD
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Category:  WHIPPING

Added:  12/29/2010

Teaching Evelyn a Lesson / Electric Slut - DVD Pack

Electric Slut Part 1
It's ELECTRIC SHOCK for Karma -- Anthony delivers the electric t.o.r.t.u.r.e with an electric pins hammer attached to a tens unit (full power, baby). Karma's tied to the swing, as she takes shock after shock. She bounces, and jolts, cries and moans.... Mister Anthony hammers Karma's inner and outer thighs, her nipples, the top of her pussy, and more!

Electric Slut Part 2
Back with part 2, Mister Anthony puts Karma through even more electro-t.o.r.t.u.r.e!! Plus he adds in a few more fun twists -- pin wheels and pussy toys! Karma squirms and struggles more than she ever thought she could.

Teaching Evelyn A Lesson - Part 1
Features Mister Anthony, Mistress Jin, and evelyn: Ms Jin and Mr Anthony evelyn and record the whole thing. They hand the camera back and forth as they teach evelyn a lesson or two. Mister Anthony carries a hooded and bound evelyn down the basement stairs. evelyn is asked why she's there and she answers "For yelling at Mister Anthony". Mistress Jin puts a word in, "What are we going to do to her?" and Mister Anthony answers, "We're going to teach her a lesson." evelyn is taunted by Ms Jin with spankings, kicks, name calling, and humiliation. "Cunt!" Jin calls evelyn. Anthony forces a bar of soap into evelyn's mouth. evelyn struggles helplessly and is then shoved into a corner for corner time. Before she knows it, she's being severely spanked by Mr. Anthony until she begins to cry.

Teaching Evelyn A Lesson - Part 2
Mr. Anthony leads evelyn across his dungeon by her collar while she still has soap in her mouth. Evelyn learns another lesson the hard way - never tell Mr. Anthony "no". Anthony beats evelyn's ass hard with barehanded spankings. evelyn cries, but Anthony doesn't stop. evelyn is bruised - pretty hues of black, red, violet and blue. Ms. Jin yells at evelyn "Stand still in that corner! And stop whimpering, it's starting to give me a headache." Anthony rubs his hands up and down evelyn's body, "You're a beautiful woman. I don't want to be mad at you." Anthony removes the soap from evelyn's mouth. Just when evelyn thinks it's over...... "She's pretty when she whimpers, isn't she?" Anthony says to Mistress Jin. Jin laughs and says "Well, now that you've got her mouth all cleaned up." Anthony smiles. "I want to see you kiss Mistress Jin's feet..." He demands of evelyn. "C'mon, you slut, you're not working hard enough," Jin says to evelyn. Ms Jin spanks evelyn, "Are you crying? Are you scared? You should be!" Evelyn kisses and worships ms Jin's feet while being spanked and taunted. Still Anthony isn't satisfied and doesn't think evelyn's learned her lesson. He leaves the room for a moment and then returns with a leather strap.

Teaching Evelyn A Lesson - Part 3
Mistress Jin uses the leather strap to spank and beat evelyn. "I'll give you your lesson," Jin says as she spanks evelyn with the strap, "Number 1: Never yell at Anthony, bitchslut!" Ms Jin shoves evelyn across the floor towards Anthony, "Apologize. Say you're sorry." evelyn tries to apologize, but the two dominants aren't convinced. Mr. Anthony takes the leather strap and forces evelyn down onto the bondage table, face down,......

Teaching Evelyn A Lesson - Part 4
Mister Anthony holds evelyn down on the table by the back of her neck. He brings the leather strap down hard across her ass. evelyn cries and struggles but cannot break free. "Why am I doing this?" Anthony asks evelyn. "Because I yelled at you. Because you love me." evelyn cries. Anthony beats evelyn harder than she's ever been beaten before. These lessons are the ones she'll never forget. Each time evelyn thinks Anthony's finished he beats her even more, harder each time. evelyn's in tears and struggles but cannot get away. (Also includes .)

Whipping Evelyn (T.E.A.L. Part 5)
Whipping Evelyn is Part 5 of Teaching Evelyn A Lesson. It features Mister Anthony hanging evelyn up on the . Andrews cross to be cruelly whipped. evelyn screams and cries at the tops of her lungs, but Mister Anthony shows no mercy. He moves evelyn from the cross and hangs her from the ceiling by her wrists so that Mistress Jin can get in on the fun. Ms Jin whips an exhausted evelyn, but Mister Anthony still isn't satisfied. His sadistic side is burning hot in this clip, as he forces evelyn to the floor for even more whipping. He holds evelyn down with his boot as he whips her. Very intense M/F whipping F/F whipping video.

Package of Pain - Lexia Talionis
  • Package of Pain - Lexia Talionis
  • Length: 40 minutes
  • Price: $33.99 USD
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Added:  03/18/2014

Package of Pain - Lexia Talionis


Includes the following videos (40 MINUTES OF NON STOP AWESOME ACTION):

Smothered and Punched in the Nuts
Did you Call Me Fat?! Cropped in the Nuts
Starving for Ballbusting - Toenail Scratching
Spiky Boots Ballbusting
Industrial High Heels Ballbusting

Buy the DVD instead of the clips package and SAVE!

Mistress Lexia Talionis is pissed at her slave! "You keep trying to kiss my ass and kiss my feet and NOT sufficate! What kind of a do you think I'm runnin' here?" Mistress Lexia yells at her slave as he smothers under her and is forced to take the ball slapping, punching, pulling, and stretching NON-STOP. "You better keep your face outta' my butt crack or I am gonna' backhand the livin' outta' you!"

"Did you call me FAT? Are you calling me FAT?! I'm gonna' slap that little half-Italian penis RIGHT OFF!" Mistress Lexia yells at her slave. She sings as she crops his nuts "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, paul's not going to be able to masturbate..." Lexia uses the crop on her slaves nuts only to stop long enough to smack him across the head a few times (the OTHER head). Her slave topples over only to get into more trouble for not sitting up straight!

Mistress Lexia brutally uses her beautiful bare feet to stomp her slaves cock and balls continuously, no mercy! She scratches his dick hard with her toenails while her slave tries to wiggle away crying.

Lexia Talionis has decided to ball bust the hell out of her slave with spiky motorcycle boots because when he showed up he forgot to bring dinner as he was instructed. She stomps his balls over and over again as a so-called warm up, laughing and taunting all the while until eventually she begins scratching, tearing, cutting with the spikes on the toes of her boots! The slaves balls begin to drip with B..L..O..O..D! Lexia literally STOMPS and BALL BUSTS the cum out of this slave and even after he THINKS he is done, Lexia continues to stomp and kick!! BRUTAL and AWESOME!!! She forces her slave to lick his cum off of her boots - she's pissed because her new boots are ruined - now the slave owes her a new pair!

Mistress Lexia Talionis slips on her sexy red dress and her "industrial platform high heels" made of spikes, leather, short and long screws. She first taunts her slave, showing him what she is about to ball bust him and scratch him with. "You see the long screw? And all these spikes? This will give a whole new meaning to "getting screwed"". Lexia stomps and kicks and scratches, causing B..L..OO..D to beed up on her slaves little bits and pieces! She threatens to cause even MORE pain if her slave dares to get B..L..O..O..D on her pretty toes (peeping out of her amazing high heels!). Lexia takes the camera for a moment and films through the mirrors on the ceiling. HOT!

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