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I Need a Bitch #1 DVD
  • I Need a Bitch #1 DVD
  • Length: 110 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Added:  09/27/2008

I Need a Bitch #1 DVD
10 full femdom scenes, 110 minutes total, each scene runs 10-15 minutes. Involing cuckolding, small penis humiliation, financial domination, money slave, slave training, foot worship, these videos will make you feel like the ULTIMATE LOSER BOY!

1. Sara Says "I'm getting ready to go out with this hot black guy I met at the gym, my darling husband. You're such a great husband, you patiently wait at home while I get all dolled up for my big black date! You can watch me while I try on my sexiest outfits and help me choose one that will please him. I can't wait until after our dinner, where I'll tease him and rub up against his huge black cock. He's going to please me in ways that you can't, I love feeling his thick rod stretching me out. When I come home tonight, I'll have a warm gooey surprise waiting inside me just for you!"
2. Orabella & Jackie Say "Let's use this pathetic losers face as a chair! Yes, let's make him lie down so we can sit on his face because that's the most action he's seen his whole loser life! Then we're going to talk about all the big black men... REAL MEN, that we're going to meet tonight and all the nasty things they're going to do to us, which of course, we won't do with you since you're such a dorky pathetic excuse for a man, you can't please anyone! We're going to get our fine asses ncie and comfortable on your ugly face while we discuss our plans for tonight, and you're NOT invited!"
3. Nikki Says "I leave you alone for 5 minutes and I catch you sniffing my panties!! You disgusting pathetic pervert, you can't even get a girl or get a date so you have to sneak into my panty drawer?! If you like panties so much then you have to PUT ON MY GIRLY PANTIES! Haha, your little weiner is so small that my tiny panties cover up your tiny dick and balls! What a perverted loser you are. Stay still while I put on bright red lipstick on you to make me your sissy boy for good. I'm going to take pictures of you to show all your co-workers, haha."
4. Bella Says "What the fuck are you staring at loser? Oh, you like my sexy feet huh? Well get on your knees and have a good closeup look as I shove my PVC high heel down your throat!! Yeah, you like worshipping my feet even more when I take off my heels. I've been walking on them all day long so they're nice and sweaty and stinky just for you, lol. Go ahead, get closer and I'll grind them into your face so you can lick the toejam from between my toes. I have an even better idea for a foot perv like you, I'm going to grind my barefeet in the dirt so they're nice and dirty and stick them down your throat!
5. Arianna says "Look at all this stuff I bought with your money!! It's so fun going shopping on your dime while you sit at home and wait for me. A girl's got to keep herself looking sexy doesn't she? Maybe, if you reach the right amount, I might feel sorry enough to give you some... Haha! But for now, I'll just keep teasing you with my sexy tight body... you haven't reached the right limit yet though. I'm going to keep spending your money and teasing you until you've got nothing left. Maybe then... maybe, I'll feel sorry enough to let you have your way with me... but until then.. Give Me Your Money and watch me tease you!
6. Sara Says "What are you doing at my house loser? There is no way you're my blind date! Look at me, I'm hot, sexy and beautiful. Look at you, you're a pathetic loser boy; I can't be seen in public with you. Get inside before my neighbhors see me talking to you, I'm so embaressed. I was a popular cheerleader in high school and you were probably the dorky, pimply faced loser that would do anything for a date with me, kiss my feet, worship my beautiful sexy body? Am I wrong? I think not!" Pay Me Now and watch me humiliate your sorry loser ass and make you masturbate for me while I laugh & take pictures!
7. Mistress Kim "You good for nothing husband, lazing around doing nothing. You need to learn who's in charge in this house, and that's ME, Mistress Kim to you! That's right you worm, your training starts today. First you must get on your knees and bow down to Mistress Kim, and that's what you shall address me as from now on. Then I'm going to tie up your pathetic cock and balls with this rope and lead you (like a leash) outside so all the neighbors can see WHO OWNS YOU. That's it, bark like a doggie while Mistress Kim parades you around for all to point and gawk at. That's right cower in fear you worthless piece of . Join Now to download all the femdom videos now!
8. Moana's slave boy training starts now. With foot worship and leash training.
9. Candi & Violetta laugh at what a total loser you are and make you kneel down while they stick their stinky sweaty feet in your face and you have to lick between their toes!
10. Blonde girlfriend Mandy yells at you for being a sucky driver and berates you for being such a loser. She stops the car and makes you get out and jerk off in public, telling you how to jerk off & when you're not allowed or allowed to cum, all the while laughing at you, slapping your face and degrading you.
I Need a Mommie DVD 1
  • I Need a Mommie DVD 1
  • Length: 133 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Added:  12/26/2007

I Need a Mommie DVD 1
INEEDAMOMMY - video mommies for ab/dl adult - video regression & infantilism session.

Scene 1 - Angela Regression - Nice - Angela helps you get out of your work clothes and lies you down to powder your bum & wrap a nice thick disposable Attends on you plus your cute adult baby clothes.

Scene 2 - Bee Regression - Nice -You come into your pink playroom and Bee has all your favourite baby things ready! She puts you in Attends diapers after powdering and wiping your bum bum. Plastic pants, AB clothing & a bonnet is in order.

Scene 3 - Mr. Pants - Firm - notices that you your pants like a big baby & she must take off your smelly pants, clean off your bum and put you back into diapers because you can't control your & .

Scene 4 - Sissy Pissy Pants - Mad - You come home late & Bee also notices that you peed your pants. She is VERY MAD with you, calling you pissy pants boy and makes you go upstairs so that she can put you back in a diaper,

Scene 5 - Outdoors Big Baby Fun! - Nice - In todays regression session will put you in thick diapers, plastics pants and AB clothes but the best part is PLAYING OUTDOORS on the big wooden gym & slides,

Scene 6 - Nurturing Regression Session - Nice - Momma Megan is such a kind nice loving to you. When you get home from work she helps you out of your work clothes and gets you into your diapers, booties & AB clothing.

As seen on the first video regression that you can pop into your TV anytime you want to be treated like a big baby!
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