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Bella Ink Training Tune-Up
  • Bella Ink Training Tune-Up
  • Length: 46 minutes
  • Price: $19.99 USD
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Added:  10/06/2016

Bella Ink Training Tune-Up

Bella Ink is back to being a blonde in her return to the training center.
Pete's girls check-in regularly so we can tweak their trances and reinforce their submission.
Bella has been issued a trainee bikini upon her return.
Head Trainer Doctor Randy utilizes an instant induction to place Bella under his control.
Randy begins by giving Bella a dose of pleasure.
He then allows Bella to step back while he communicates directly with her subconscious.
Randy gives Bella the suggestion that she will find Pete exceptionally attractive.
Bella has no problem with Pete removing her bikini top.
Bella reveals that she would like Pete to nuzzle her neck.
Bella then finds pleasure when Pete stimulates her torso and legs.
Randy demands Bella cum twice before proceeding and she complies.
For a finale, Bella is stretched stiff, rigid and naked on the sawhorses and made to orgasm once more.
For an encore, Randy and Pete double team Bella to a final orgasm before Randy has her awaken fully.
This disc includes 40 minutes of Bella's tune-up session plus a 6-minute foot fetish segment that was cut for time from the video clip.
Ophelia Rain Audition
  • Ophelia Rain Audition
  • Length: 22 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  12/04/2015

Ophelia Rain Audition

During our visit to FetishCon tattooed porn star Ophelia Rain stopped by to film fetish scenes.
While Ophelia was here it made sense to see how she would react to our training.
Pete conducted a brief introductory interview before turning Ophelia over to Head Trainer Doctor Randy.
Ophelia looks great in her bronze trainee bikini.
Randy places Ophelia under his control using a stair-step induction.
Randy gives Ophelia an "arousal meter" to increase her level of excitement.
Ophelia is also feeling as if she has a vibrator on her clitoris.
Randy then makes Ophelia feel she is receiving oral sex.
With all this stimulation, Ophelia experiences a loud double orgasm.
This is Ophelia's audition on DVD.
Meet Dakota Charms
  • Meet Dakota Charms
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  12/03/2015

Meet Dakota Charms

Petite cutie Dakota Charms produces and participates in sexy fetish videos.
Dakota's scenes can be found in several of our sister stores.
When the opportunity arose we knew we had to get Dakota in for a training session.
Pete welcomed Dakota then turned her over to our Head Trainer, Doctor Randy.
Dakota is attired in a tiny trainee bikini as Randy has her relax.
Randy shows Dakota his pocket watch for her to focus on.
Dakota is given an arousal meter that she can adjust.
Dakota's clitoris is cloned and placed in her right palm.
Randy plays with Dakota's palm which makes her moan and gyrate.
Randy continues the stimulation until Dakota reaches a pair of orgasms.
Dakota requires a break and that's where this session concluded.
This is Dakota's initial session on DVD.
Amanda Bryant Audition
  • Amanda Bryant Audition
  • Length: 31 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  10/07/2015

Amanda Bryant Audition

Blonde beauty Amanda Bryant has performed scenes for our sister fetish stores.
We were curious to see how Amanda would fare here in the training center.
Amanda was very willing to be mesmerized by Doctor Randy and accept suggestions from Pete.
What we have are the highlights from Amanda initial session.
After a brief introduction by Pete, Amanda is put into trance by Randy.
Amanda is a very good subject who will actually drift very deep if allowed.
Pete uses the swinging pocket watch to trigger Amanda to sleep.
Randy later introduced Amanda to the giant sparkling crystal.
Amanda is given a catch phrase to recite when prompted and is instructed to refer to Randy as "Master."
Amanda starts in street clothes then goes from a bikini to topless to nude.
This is the complete audition on disc.
Meet Euphoria


Added:  09/20/2015

Meet Euphoria

Petite Euphoria was a hit when featured in our other stores last year.
We were excited to learn that Euphoria has long desired to experience our style of training.
Our first opportunity to mesmerize her came on Labor Day when she visited the training center.
After a brief introductory interview with Pete, Euphoria was issued a trainee bikini.
Head Trainer Doctor Randy relaxed Euphoria then used a stair-step induction to place her under his control.
Euphoria was given an "arousal meter" and instructed to dial up her excitement level.
Her palms were made orgasmic then stimulated by Pete and the good doctor.
The sound of Randy's voice causes Euphoria to reach another climax.
Her session's final orgasm comes when Randy strokes her bare sole.
Euphoria was drained but happy when her 40-minute session concluded.
We concluded that we definitely need more Euphoria in our future.
Euphoria's initial session runs longer than the usual half-hour but the price remains the same.
This is Euphoria's first session on DVD.
Meet Ariella Fetish
  • Meet Ariella Fetish
  • Length: 54 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  08/31/2015

Meet Ariella Fetish

For those who have been requesting 40-something trainees, meet Ariella Fetish.
Ariella has her own store under the PetesGirls umbrella but this is her first training video.
Ariella is relaxed then taken through a detailed induction by our Head Trainer, Doctor Randy.
A "love bug" attached to a sensitive spot adds to Ariella's stimulation.
Ariella gets her "arousal meter" turned up all the way for maximum pleasure.
Ariella's center of sexual pleasure is stimulated by rubbing her palm.
One orgasm leads to another as Ariella counts the climaxes.
This is the complete Ariella session on DVD.
Meet Amy Faye


Added:  08/29/2015

Meet Amy Faye

Petite Amy Faye looks sweet and innocent but inside there is a nasty girl ready to break out.
Who better to make this happen than Pete and resident trainer Doctor Randy?
Amy is fresh off a weekend at FetishCon so we suspected she was in the mood for perverse pleasure.
Randy first relaxes Amy into a suggestible state then relocates her clitoris to her palms.
He then has Amy feeling as if she is strapped into a sex machine and cannot resist the feelings of intense pleasure.
Amy likes to control her sexuality but is no match for the power of our programming.
In the end, Amy loves it and commits to cum back for more.
This is Amy's complete first session on disc
Chanel Sky Trained
  • Chanel Sky Trained
  • Length: 24 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  07/01/2015

Chanel Sky Trained

Our trainer, Dr. Randy, picks up with Chanel where her previous session concluded.
Chanel feels the presence of her favorite movie star and removes her bikini top to attract him.
When Chanel wishes to have sex with her hero, she discovers he has a prosthetic penis.
Randy positions Chanel so she feels the star's cock inside her when she bumps against Randy's knee.
Bumping against Randy's knee makes Chanel feel she is being penetrated by a growing penis.
Chanel quickly reaches her first orgasm of the session.
Another round of bumping produces a second climax.
Good things cum in threes so still another orgasm is required.
Chanel is then taken to the couch where she is given "The Gift of the Mermaid."
This gift allows Chanel to orgasm from nipple play.
Dr. Randy leads Chanel through a detailed scenario involving an oral-loving mermaid.
Chanel plays with her nipples, producing yet another orgasm.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Meet Brooklyn Paige
  • Meet Brooklyn Paige
  • Length: 31 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  06/21/2015

Meet Brooklyn Paige

You may recognize sexy MILF Brooklyn Paige from her work in several of our stores.
Brooklyn recently came in for her very first training session.
After a brief introduction by Pete, Brooklyn is placed in the hands of our trainer, Dr. Randy.
Randy employs one of his classic inductions to place Brooklyn under his control.
Brooklyn is made to orgasm from her palm being stroked.
Randy's touch on her bare soles brings Brooklyn more pleasure.
She also makes herself cum by playing with her exposed nipples.
Brooklyn climaxes her initial training with climaxes from being hugged by Pete and Dr. Randy.
Brooklyn booked a folow-up session on her way out so look for her to become a regular around here.
This is the session on DVD.
Esoteric Encore: Catherine Foxx
  • Esoteric Encore: Catherine Foxx
  • Length: 27 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  05/04/2015

Esoteric Encore: Catherine Foxx

This is our final never-before-seen video produced by our long-time Head Trainer Mark.
Fittingly, it showcases one of our best trainees, large-breasted Catherine Foxx.
Catherine, in addition to being an in-demand model, is a busy producer.
Catherine loves our training as it relaxes her and brings great pleasure.
Mark utilizes a flashing strobe light to place Catherine deeply under his control.
Mark's light and voice entrance Catherine in short order.
Mark places Catherine into a state of suspended animation with the word "Blank."
While in the blank state, Catherine obediently removes her lingerie top.
Mark surprises Catherine with a sudden series of orgasms.
Mark takes Catherine deeper into submission with the sparkling crystal.
Mark's slightest touch causes Catherine to drift away into pleasure.
Mark reinforces Catherine's trance with the flashing strobe.
Catherine's eyes cross as she slips into deep, sleepy submission.
Looking into Mark's eyes brings Catherine into another round of orgasms.
Catherine is awakened to discuss the experience.
"Every time I don't think it can get any deeper, it does!"
Mark places Catherine back into trance as her session concludes.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Meet Chanel Sky
  • Meet Chanel Sky
  • Length: 24 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  04/13/2015

Meet Chanel Sky

In an episode filmed just last week, Pete introduces a new trainee and trainer!
Elegant Chanel Sky has appeared recently in some of our other stores.
When Pete asked if Chanel would do a training session, she quickly agreed.
Pete briefly interviews Chanel before turning her over to Dr. Randy.
Dr. Randy enters and performs suggestibility tests and a detailed induction on Chanel.
Dr. Randy has Chanel on the hunt for her favorite movie star.
Chanel strips down to her panties in an effort to attract this Hollywood heavyweight.
Dr. Randy causes Chanel to become aroused from having her left palm stimulated.
Additional suggestions lead to a vocal orgasm when Chanel cums on-command.
Chanel will definitely return for more training but don't miss her initial session with our accomplished new trainer.
This is Chanel's complete first session on DVD.
Esoteric Encore: Ginary
  • Esoteric Encore: Ginary
  • Length: 31 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  02/23/2015

Esoteric Encore: Ginary

Exotic Ginary returns for a final session with Head Trainer Mark.
Ginary is attired in black lingerie.
Mark uses the sparkling crystal to place Ginary under his control.
Ginary slowly builds to a powerful orgasm through Mark's commands.
After the climax, Mark relaxes Ginary and installs the "sleep" trigger.
Mark awakens Ginary to talk about the experience.
Ginary says she felt as she did when he had her very first orgasm.
Mark looks into Ginary's eyes to relax her and take her deeper.
A thumb on Ginary's forehead or a hand on her shoulder gives her pleasure.
Mark commands Ginary to remove her bra to expose her pierced nipples.
Ginary plays with her nipples as Mark speaks to her,
Ginary says touching her breasts makes her feel "very horny."
Mark's touch and words bring Ginary to a second orgasm.
Ginary is awakened and briefly discusses the session.
Mark gives Ginary a final bit of pleasure before making her sleep to conclude the session.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Shay Trained


Added:  01/06/2015

Shay Trained

Sweet Shay returns to the training center for another erotic session.
Shay is attired in a pink training center tank top and matching panties to start.
After her previous session, our trainer, the Reverend Doctor Feelgood, is able to place her under his control very swiftly.
Once relaxed, hot breath on Shay's body massively turns her on.
Panties removed, Shay's fingers play between her legs as Feelgood pulls her exposed nipples.
Feelgood takes Shay to the next level leading to an orgasm.
Feelgood has fun with Shay in making her think one of her breasts is larger than the other.
Feelgood preps Shay to be hyper-responsive to a foot massage from Pete.
Pete returns to get Shay totally naked.
The foot massage soon turns to worship that has Shay moaning with pleasure and tweaking her nipples.
Feelgood has Shay feel Pete's foot worship in her pussy.
The foot worship leads Shay to another orgasm.
Feelgood returns to give Shay another erogenous zone -- her ears.
Feelgood and Pete lick Shay's ears causing her to again moan in orgasmic bliss.
Shay concludes her latest session between two older guys and loving the experience.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Meet Dani Natrix
  • Meet Dani Natrix
  • Length: 32 minutes
  • Price: $19.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  11/19/2014

Meet Dani Natrix

Our run of promising trainees continues with the intriguing Dani Natrix.
With a name such as that, we figured some suggestions of submission could be required.
Dani is in her street clothes when Pete welcomes her to the training center.
Dani thinks the agenda for her inital training session "sounds interesting."
Pete turns Dani over to our trainer, the Rev. Dr. Feelgood, who gives Dani a suggestibility test.
Dani is attired in a purple and white trainee bikini for her induction.
Feelgood places her under his control and uses numbers to take her deeper.
Feelgood brings naughtiness and sex into the discussion.
Dani admits she loves "doggystyle" more than anything.
Feelgood's breath on her body arouses Dani.
Dani removes her bikini top to expose herself to more sensations.
Dani slides her bikini bottom to the side to allow Feelgood's breath to reach her shaved slit.
Dani plays with herself to increase the pleasure and orgasmic feelings.
Feelgood prepares Dani to accept suggestions from Pete.
Pete swings his pocket watch before Dani's eyes to take her back into a trance.
Pete gives Dani pleasure by touching the back of her hand.
Pete suggests Dani is being taken in her favorite doggy position.
Pete's suggestions lead Dani to a powerful hands-free orgasm.
Pete kissing the back of her hand causes Dani to "replay" the orgasm in her mind.
Pete concludes the session by inviting Dani to return, next time to be paired with another attractive new trainee.
This is the DVD version of the complete session.
Meet Shay


Added:  10/10/2014

Meet Shay

19 year-old Shay loves new experiences.
Her adventurous attitude and 36DD boobs makes her an ideal candidate for a training session.
For Shay's session we imported an experienced trainer, the Rev. Dr. Feelgood.
Shay is excited for her session to start, hoping it will be more than a little sexy.
The good doctor performs the induction by holding Shay's hand and having her stare at his medal.
He prepares Shay to accept the "sleep" command.
Rev. Dr. Feelgood has Shay laugh and go deeper whenever she hears a number.
He asks Shay to unleash her naughty side, feeling she is auditioning for a porn film.
Shay confesses that she had small boobs in high school and a threesome after she graduated.
Shay further reveals that she would like to explore her bisexual side.
Shay also gives high marks to a guy who is an oral expert.
Shay expresses an interest in trying bondage, sex swings and Sybians.
(Check out our Pete's Toy Box store to see Shay's first Sybian rides.)
Being the center of attention at a seven-guy gang-bang is especially appealing to Shay.
Feelgood ends the faux-audition, placing Shay into a sex-trance where snapping his fingers makes her more horny.
Shay pulls aside her bikini bottom and fingers her pussy.
Shay's big boobs quickly escape her bikini top.
More finger snaps lead to increased pleasure and a powerful orgasm.
The doctor primes Shay to accept suggestions from Pete.
Shay starts laughing but ends up moaning when Feelgood puts his fingers to work,
Pete shows Shay his powerful pocket watch.
Shay follows the swinging watch until her eyes become too tired to remain open.
Pete holding Shay's hand causes her to feel tongues are licking her big boobs.
Shay feels the pleasure expand to include the area between her legs.
At Pete's command, Shay removes her bikini bottom.
Shay cannot resist fingering her exposed clit to further increase her arousal.
Shay's pleasure increases until kissing Pete makes her cum.
(After, of course, requesting permission.)
Pete promises Shay an "instant replay" of her orgasm and asks her what she would like to trigger it.
Pete is surprised when Shay requests her make her cum again by using his tongue on her pussy.
(Shay is an early favorite for the trainee hall of fame!)
Shay's reactions indicate Pete passes her "oral exam" by expertly sucking up to her.
Shay concludes her initial session with a smile on her face and a promise to return.
This is a more graphic session than usual for us so please be aware.
This video runs an extra-long 38 minutes and is the complete session on DVD.
Mark's Mesmer Maidens
  • Mark's Mesmer Maidens
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • Price: $16.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  09/09/2014

Mark's Mesmer Maidens

We welcome two of our favorites back to the training center.
Red-haired Catherine Foxx and blonde Ember Skye have returned.
Both are great subjects for Head Trainer Mark.
We can also count on Ember to slip into "subtle domme" mode when paired with another trainee.
Pete introduces our pretty pair, attired in similarly colored trainee bikinis and foot jewelry.
Anticipating how the session will go, we replaced our usual couch with a bed.
Pete turns Ember and Catherine over to Mark for the remainder of the session.
Mark places Catherine under his control with his voice and a sparkling crystal.
Mark gives Catherine the crystal with instructions to use it on Ember.
Once Ember has succumbed, Catherine cannot resist the suggestion that she kiss and caress her blonde companion.
The power drives Catherine to a powerful orgasm.
Mark has the girls reverse roles with Ember swinging the crystal in front of Catherine's blue eyes.
Ember triggers Catherine to remove her bikini top, revealing her big breasts.
Ember warmly kisses her seemingly unaware co-star.
Mark order Catherine to remove Ember's bikini top.
Catherine stares straight ahead while Ember plays with her breasts.
Catherine cannot look away when Ember touches a breast.
Catherine feels compelled to worship foot-goddess Ember.
Staring at Ember's boobs relaxes Catherine back into a sleepy trance.
Ember suggests that Catherine will feel on her own body where she is touching Ember.
When Catherine's hand slips between Ember's legs, she herself feels the pleasure also.
Mark coaches Ember on how to take Catherine deeper into pleasure.
As the session winds down, Catherine and Ember talk about it.
Pete returns for brief comments to conclude this showcase of the talents of our all-time top trainer, Mark.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Ginary Trained
  • Ginary Trained
  • Length: 32 minutes
  • Price: $16.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  08/01/2014

Ginary Trained

Exotic Ginary has returned for additional training.
Ginary looks so good in her black trainee bikini and foot jewelry.
Ginary's soleful style is sure to appeal to our many foot fans.
Ginary has found her training "pleasurable" and is "down for more."
Head Trainer Mark uses a flashing light to place Ginary back into a trance.
Mark preps Ginary to accept suggestions from Pete.
Ginary gazes at the crystal as she swings in before her eyes.
Ginary feels her hands are being controlled by the viewer of this video.
Ginary removes her bikini and pleasures herself with her hands,
This leads to Ginary's initial orgasm of the session.
Pete cannot resist tickling when Ginary drapes her legs over the arms of the chair.
Pete takes Ginary deeper by bringing back the flashing light.
The light itself produces pleasure wherever it is directed on Ginary's naked body.
Pete causes Ginary to feel more tickling combined with invisible bondage.
Pete adds pleasure to the mix to see if it will win out over the tickle sensations.
Pete shows Ginary a very unusual way to produce feelings of oral sex.
Pete uses the crystal to again entrance Ginary as her session draws to a close.
Ginary "replays" the best orgasm of the session when Pete kisses her hand.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Catherine Foxx Training Tune-up 2014
  • Catherine Foxx Training Tune-up 2014
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  06/21/2014

Catherine Foxx Training Tune-up 2014

Well, look who has returned for her 2014 training tune-up.
It is super subject Catherine Foxx!
Catherine looks better than ever in her multi-color striped trainee bikini.
Catherine is entranced by the spinning spiral.
In no time at all, Catherine's eyes are closed.
Pete triggers Catherine to remove her bikini top.
Catherine shows off her new nipple rings.
Head Trainer Mark primes Catherine to accept further suggestions from Pete.
Pete uses this power to have Catherine feel vibrations from her nipple rings.
The pleasurable vibrations spread to Catherine's bikini bottom.
Catherine finds it difficult to concentrate as Pete conducts an employment interview.
This leads to Catherine removing her bikini bottom.
Catherine requires assistance to remove her sandals when they become too ticklish.
Now completely nude, Catherine is facinated by Pete's pocket watch.
Depending if Pete is holding her hand, Catherine cannot decide if she wants to go to dinner with him or Mark.
Kissing Catherine's hand causes her to orgasm.
Mark relaxes Catherine into sleep as her tune-up session concludes.
This is the complete session on DVD.

Click here to download a free preview video from RapidShare.
Meet Ginary


Added:  02/03/2014

Meet Ginary

We took the training center on the road for an introductory session with tattooed cutie Ginary.
Ginary stripped down to her bra and panties for her initial interview with Pete.
Ginary reveals that she has experience with training and considers it "submissive,"
Ginary says she has heard the methods of Head Trainer Mark are "very different from others."
Ginary's training session begins with her in a well-padded chair, attired in a pink and white trainee bikini and foot jewelry.
Pete swings the gold pocket watch while Mark places her under control with his words.
Upon awakening, Ginary feels pleasure from her many tattoos.
Pete suggests that Ginary would feel increased pleasure by removing her bikini.
Now naked, Ginary squirms and moans with delight.
Ginary is driven to an extended orgasm when Pete touches her favorite tattoo while she rubs herself.
Pete places Ginary into "invisible bondage" in her chair.
Pete tests Ginary's helplessness by tickling her.
With Ginary still immobilized, Pete attaches invisible nipple-suckers and mechanical tongues between her legs.
After asking permission to cum, Ginary orgasms on command.
Pete brings back the swinging pocket watch to reinforce Ginary's trance.
Ginary receives a pleasure-flashback each time she says the h-word.
Pete causes Ginary to sleep as her introductory session concludes.
Check out a preview of the opening segment of the session at right.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Bella's Foot Training
  • Bella's Foot Training
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  12/17/2013

Bella's Foot Training

We are so excited to announce the return of beautiful Bella Lovez to the training center.
Bella has worked extensively with Head Trainer Mark and is on the fast-track to trainee stardom.
Bella is also a favorite of foot fans, making her the ideal candidate for a foot-fetish themed training session.
Bella arrived fresh off the beach, barefoot and in a sexy bikini.
Mark appears and uses his touch to return Bella to the beach in her mind.
Mark uses his power of suggestion to make Bella even more turned-on by foot attention.
Pete treats Bella to a satisfying foot massage.
Bella finds the massage totally relaxing, leaving her feeling "amazing."
Mark triggers Bella to remove her bikini top.
Bella advises Pete on what feels best.
Bella enjoys Pete's massage so much that she wants to take him home.
Mark suggests that Bella feel Pete's worship as very sensual, leading her to orgasm.
Pete moans as Pete licks her soft soles.
Bella is increasing aroused as Pete's tongue does its magic.
Pete cannot resist a little biting to bring a smile to Bella's face.
Session concluded, Bella says she will be back anytime we can offer another foot massage.
This is the complete session on DVD.
Click here to download a free preview video from RapidShare.
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