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PIledriver Perversions
  • PIledriver Perversions
  • Length: 72 minutes
  • Price: $29.99 USD
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Added:  06/20/2014

PIledriver Perversions
Featuring Jezabel Romo, Jennifer Thomas, Lucky O'Shea & Amarie - This 6 match series follows the course of Jezabel Romo trying to find herself thru a series of piledriver matches with a sensual vibe. She starts off her Girl Girl Crush with Jennifer Thomas, a sexy woman wrestler she has secretly been lusting after. She piledrives her multiple times, fondles and gropes her and even strips her of not only her dignity but her shorts as well. Next lustful victim is the Lovely Irish Lass Lucky O'Shea, she molests her body as well as more multiple brutal piledrivers, strips her down and has her way with her in the squared circle. In the final match, Lucky brings back up in the form of Amarie. They try to wrestle and beatdown the lustful Jezabel, but to no avail, Jezabel even strips one girl to full nudity and piledrives her all over the ring! THis DVD contains footage never before seen of matches with Jennifer Thomas and the poor stripped Amarie! Buy now and watch over 20 vicious piledrivers. Also contains a pic set of over 200+ pics of SUbmit to my Piledriver Photoshoot with Jezabel and Lucky! Buy now, and upon delivery, sit back, grab a iced beverage because this DVD will leave you hot & bothered!!! 4 Sexy Female Wrestlers and a whole lotta of Piledriving Perversions going on!
Pro Wrestling Instruction - Beginners Course
  • Pro Wrestling Instruction - Beginners Course
  • Length: 73 minutes
  • Price: $39.95 USD
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Added:  08/30/2012

Pro Wrestling Instruction - Beginners Course
Due to popular demand. FINALLY Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy releases their first instructional DVD. Live your dream thru this video, as we take you thru the beginners course with head instructor Joey Kaos Munoz. With this DVD 17 year veteran, Kaos will teach you the basic fundementals to get you started in this crazy world of Professional Wrestling. HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: -All Basic Rolls -Lock up -Arm Wringer -Hammerlock -Headlock -Waistlock -Top Wrist Lock -Proper Neck Bridge -Headlock Takeover -School Boy Pin -Backslide Pin -Snapmare -Latigo -and MORE!
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