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  Curious Cristines 2012 facial and cumshot collection
Length: 60 minutes
Price: $45.99 USD



Category: FACIALS

Added: 07/01/12 10:28:50 AM

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this is a collection of facials and cumshots from 2012.enjoy babes

  3Some Start To End Featuring Diamond
Length: 50 minutes
Price: $45.99 USD



Category: HANDJOBS

Added: 05/04/12 09:29:39 PM

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I put this clip up on my clip store as well, in case you wanted to download it. But being such a long video, I thought some of you could benfiet from buying it on DVD form. So here it is enjoy! You actually save a couple bucks buying it this way too, so enjoy even more! This is a 50 min video of the whole night between myself, Diamond, and my man. It features all the clips above. It pretty much starts out with us, talking and being dirty to guys on cam trying to get them to visit the site and promote, after that, drinking some wine, watching some porn and getting comfortable with each other. Slowely things get more and more sexy. We get cuddly on the bed, and start making out. Once things get hot enough my man joins in. Diamond an I, start tickling his naked chest with our finernails and light kisses, and strokes of our tongue, causing him to laugh and wiggle, which gets us all the more comfortable and ready for some fun. We talk off his pants, and start kissing a little harder, and wetter, over areas that are more senstive. I specially loved breathing my hot breath over his boxer breifs right where his cock is, teasing him to what is about to come. It got him really hot and we didn't want him to cum to quickly so we gave his cock a break with a show. Diamond gave me a quick lesson on how to booty clap. So at the end of the bed, we start booty clapping and shaking our asses until my mans cock has calmed down a bit. We go back and now it's time, we rip his boxer breifs off with our teeth and the both of us start giving him an amazing handjob and blowjob. I mean what can I say, it's seductive, it get's slopppy at times, it gets rough at times, it get's slow and soft at times, the balls are defaintly played with, a little bit is involved, it's just an incredble blowjob handjob you have to see to believe! When he is about to cum I have a great idea! Cum in my mouth, then I grab Diamond face, open her mouth, and spit all his cum right into her mouth! She opens up her mouth to show you guys the strings of cum then swallows it whole. It ends with us just being ourselves not even knowing the camrea is rolling, because my man is to paralazyed to even move out of bed and stop filming, lol. You will LOVE this long amazing clip, well worth it I promise you!

  Fun Full Night With Ivanna
Length: 55 minutes
Price: $45.99 USD



Category: BRAT GIRLS

Added: 01/29/12 10:52:43 PM

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TGIF! So to celebrate the oncoming weekend, we are having a sale It's also some of our most talked about clips. It's our "Fun Fill Night With Ivanna". Me, Curious Cristine, and our favorite model, Ivanna. Doing all the fun, variety of things we always do. It's unbelievable sexy and fun, you will love it I promise you. If you bought all these clips one by one, you would be pending over $65! But for a limited time only, you can get it on DVD for only, $45.99. You get 7 cock bulging clips (an hour worth!), all sent to you discretly for you jerk pulling enjoyment. Here is a list of the clips included with a brief description of each.

Duo Dildoe Dick Instruction - Your secret fantasy is to suck cum. We both know your a little to shy to go out and do it, so we are going to help you along just a little. Me and Princess Ivanna get out our relastic looking dildoe's and decide to teach you a lesson, We teach you how to swallow like a real bi men should!

Chastity Device Loser Special - I got this present for a super special guy out there and me and princess Ivanna can't wait to give it to that one special guy. We bring out our expensive chastity slave and explain the rules to you. the torture, the humilation, the teasing!

Double Home Wrecking Tits - Your such a cheating whore! if your going to cheat on your wife, we might as well, take your money and humilate you in the start jerking your boner instantly. Maybe if you pay us some money we can show you more and we wont tell your wife.

Spying On Sister Sleepover - Having a fun sleepover with Ivanna, when we hear someone at the door. it's my perv brother! I know he gets boners from us. I tease and humilate him for his disgusting habit and shake my boobs and ass to tease him. if he doesn't pay me, I will tell mom about him jerking to me and my friends!

Game Of Cum Eating Chance - You are early cummers, we know.we are going to test this theory. We tease you so seductivly, an if you cum before we tell you to, there will be a problem. You will be forced to slurp your sploog! if you make it to the end, you get to finish all over us. Thats see if you can handle the tease and denial game!

Lipstick Lover- Ivanna just loves her lipstick. she now wants to have fun. apperently this fun involved her slicking on lipstick to my sleeping lips and telling the camreaman how much she is turned on and wants to kiss it off. She kiss's the lipstick from my lips, which transfere's it to her lips. Then kisses me all over my face! Covered with lipstick from the lipstick slut, what could be hotter then that?!

Co Worker Dick Shrinker- You are such a womanizer at work. Tonight, it'ss our turn to have fun. We make you a drink so we can let loose. Then, we start the flirting. we are a little bit upset we weren't seduced by you before. That's ok, we got payback for that.that drink your downing has a secret serum we put specially for you. for womanizers it's does something to your penis. It shrinks it! Forever! Looks like you can't pick up girls now !

Lovely Lesbien Lips - Ivanna is the best when it comes to teasing and applying lipstick. I thought she should teach me how she does it with loads of lipstick and goey gloss. I listen and apply the lipstick to her lips/ lips. Then she applies it to my lips. We tease you with kisses. There is one more thing I want to do with our lipstick lips. make out of course! I suck on her bottom lips, she nibbles on my lips. Of course there is a little steamy lip locking session in there, because we can't help ourselves Enjoy lipstick loving boys!

  Forced Fag DVD
Length: 30 minutes
Price: $19.99 USD



Category: FORCED BI

Added: 05/21/11 02:11:54 PM

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Hey fag boys or in the closet gays. I have a special treat and sale for you today. Since your loving all these forced fag, loving gay clips I am putting them all together on a DVD for you for a special low price. Even included on there is a DOUBLE forced fag clip that isn't even up on the store yet, feature me and Savannah! So for almost 30 mins worth of humilating (and encouraging) cock loving fun, you only have to pay, $19.99! Below are the clips included with a brief description of each clip. Enjoy!

Forced Fag Fun - Ok, so we all know by now you love the cock! Your not going to be seing my man's penis, you have seen it far to much and your spoiled! This time, I am really going to fuck with you! I am going to talk you through what its like to suck and choke on a dick, all while you jerk off your own cock. I will go through what it's like to give a handjob, what it's like to even take it up the ass by a huge, thick, throbbing cock! If that wasn't enough, throughout the clip, I put in pictures of gayness, gay cock sucking, gay fucking! 's guarneted to blow your wad!

Encouraging Sweet 1st Time Gay - I knew there were a bunch of you closest gay's out there, an I know there is more. Only problem is, the rest of you, are a little nervous. I can be very sweet, an I think you deserve it being so shy about your secret fantasies about cock. All you need to do is relax and let me help you out. I can talk you through your first time with a man giving him a blowjob. Don't be nervous be exicted, this will change your life forever. You will be so intrugued, and getting more confident that your slowely but surely getting ready to do what you were meant to do. Think about the satisfaction of chocking down your first cumload! I would be so proud of my little secret gay boy, awww. So let me walk you through cock sucking 101, I will be very encouragine and helpful, an I promise there will be no turning back after this clip.

Forced Fag Double Fun - What could I do to make it even more queer for these cock loving boys? My solution, two girls humilating, more gayness to jerk off too. Me and Savannah humilate you for being such a homo, and give you our pro tips on how to propely handle the cock. How can you say your not gay there is no way you cant be after getting your blast of cum off to this clip! We force you to jerk off the thought of dick, to the sight of dick, and you do, without any hestation. Haha, lovely, such a fun forced fag clip, your going to love it. Of course to make it better for you, I am adding clips of gay sexiness throughout the clip, even more then last time. Try it out, I dare you to fag boy!

  5 For $50 Special *This Week Only*
Length: 50 minutes
Price: $49.99 USD




Added: 12/10/10 09:57:04 PM

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*Special* For this week only (Dec.10th-Dec.17th) I am offering something super nice for all you fans. My 5 for 50 deal. You can pick ANY 5 clips from my clip store, for only $50! Doesn't matter how long or short the clip is either! All you have to do is purchase this dvd, then write me an email at, and let me know the titles of which 5 clips you want put onto your specially made Curious Cristine DVD. Thanks boys I know you will enjoy it!

  Cock Worship Part 3
Length: 75 minutes
Price: $39.99 USD




Added: 11/09/10 09:38:49 PM

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With cock worship clips always being top sellers in my store, apperently, I have alot of closet homosexual's who not only jerk off to me, but to my husband as well. How about I make it really easy for you, by putting all the newest cock worship clips onto one DVD? You will save some money but also get to jerk off over and over again to my man's huge dick, even easier then on your computer. There are 10 cock filled clips on this DVD. Lucky for you, we are being nice and only charging $39.99 for this 1 hour and 15 min long movie. Usually I put the clip title and it's brief description here, but since it's all cock worshipping, I will save some time and space by just saying all of the clips, are the same but different twists. Cock in your face, and me humilating or encouraging you to whack off while you worship my masters cock. Couldn't get much better then that!

  Sister Teaches Brother Lessons 50-58
Length: 45 minutes
Price: $45.99 USD




Added: 10/28/10 11:25:21 PM

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For all you sibling lovers, I know it's been a while since releasing a sister and brother DVD! So here is your favorite big sister showing the little brother everything he needs to know and more about sex and being sexy. This is the sister brother series number 50-58. It's is 45 mins worth of hot sexy sister for a great deal of only 45.99! That's a big savings versus buying them all separtly on the clip store. So here is a list of the clips included in the dvd with a brief description of each.

Sister Lets Brother Jerk To Her Nightie - you ready to have some fun? Yah me too, so lets see your penis take it out. What do you think I am wearing this babydoll nightie for, just for the hell of it? Nope, I wore it for you silly, so you can jerk off to me. Its white and lacy and you can see right through it.Now, let me talk you into jerking off really good tonight because I love to see it. Hehe, your big sister looks so hot in this lingeire doesn't she?

Sister Teases Brother To Masturbate Together - I love the freedom of being able to lounge around the house completly nude, with you looking on, wanting me so badly. I am so horny with the thought of it, I just need to masturbate right now. Damn, little brother look at that erection, just whip out that cock of yours. its not fair that I get to sit here bringing myself to esctasy while your cock is just THROBBING to be touched, why don't you masturbate while your sister masturbates in front of you.

Sister Finds Brothers Naughty Websites - Oh my little brother did you leave this website open on purpose for me to see, or did you accidently get caught? Wow, I most have turned you into some sex monster, look at these type of things your looking at! Let me guess you want to try these things out with your big sister dont you? Hmm, thats see what we have here ... well, these brother and sister team seem to be enjoying each other.

Sister Has Brother Show His Love - I know you love me more than a brother should an it shows with how much you spoil me with presents. But I think I am looking for a little bit more dedication on your part, to really show your attraction to your big older sister. From now on, every single time we are alone, you are to masturbate and stroke your cock. Even if it's only for a couple seconds and we are just passing each other in the hallway, I demand you play with your cock.

Sister Meets Brothers Girlfriend - Who is this? Big sister demands to know who this TRAMP is hanging out with my little brother?! Excuse me, did you just say, girlfriend? Miko did my little brother tell you his little secret yet. Well, just so you know me and my little brother are very very close, if you know what I mean.So how do you feel about that Miko still like him now? You do?!? I don't know how I should feel about this. Miko if you want to stay, I think you have some things to prove to me that your worthy of my little brother. You have to make me happy too, or else your out of here.

Sister Checks Out Brothers Girlfriend If this tramp, Miko, wants to stay with you, my brother, she has to be good looking enough for you. Thats see what you got underneath those pants. Hmm, maybe we could work with that ass? let me see you try on a couple different pair of panties for me to get a better judgment on if your good enough for my brother. Not better then my ass though.

Sister Makes Girlfriend Masturbate - To be honest with you Miko you are kind of hot. Maybe hot enough for my little brother but I am not sure yet. Thats see if you can get my brother horny enough like I do. I want to see you masturbate right in front of me and my little brother. I will be watching closely to your techinque to see how well you do. Does she get you horny? She is kind of making me a little wet, an I can see your getting a boner. you should let my brother jerk off to you.You should be trained. Miko, bring yourself to orgasm but little brother your not allowed to cum.

Sister Teaches Girlfriend To Masturbate - your making both me and my little brother nice and horny. What do you think little brother, think your girlfriend can follow along to my instruction on how to masturbate? you can keep jerking off your cock to us. Okay Miko pay close attention, give me that dildoe, this is how a pro fucks herself with a dildoe. See how much little brother is loving this. Now you try, do what I do at the same time.everyone is masturbating right now. little brother watching me fuck myself and then watching his girlfriend doing the same! This most be your dream come true. How horny are all of us right now?

  Cristine & Friends Fun Times
Length: 30 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD




Added: 10/08/10 09:35:38 PM

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I know how much you boys love it when I bring friends around to join in on the fun! It can be alot of fun, an of course I enjoy it just as much. I miss the fun of more girls, an I promise to bring some more girlies around for you soon. But for now, I put together a dvd of my favorite friends and their best clips they did with me! For only, $24 obviously you won't be disapointed. Here is a brief description of each clip included:

Female Ass Worship,Men Suck - Stupid male ass slaves! They never do their job well enough! maybe a chick would do a better job. Raquelle is very eager to get to know my ass and she knows I am in need of a new ass slave. She is clawing at my ass begging for me to let her worship and love my ass. I tell her she better not fuck up like this loser guys, or she will be punished.

Bubblegum Masturbation With Miko Starr & Curious Cristine - Watching our cute little model Miko Starr blow her bubblegum for the first time, suprisgnly got me horny! She teases me with her mouth, tongue, and bubblegum an I can't take it an I start playing with my wet pussy. I use the pink dildoe and start to rub it around my clit and slip inside my pussy while she continues to blow her bubbles and smack her lips, soon enough even she gets turned on and starts to rub on her pussy!

Mean Girls Like Big Ones -We are such little hotties, and we love to be mean and cruel to the guys who deserve it the most. and thats you, small dicked guys! me and nataliah, start talking alot of about how small dick guys are usless. however, ryan says she doesnt mind small dicks, but she only does it out of pity and only sleeps with them once and never again.

Married Guy Masturbation -Wow, what a scumbag you are. Your married but you spend all your money on your stupid little fetish porn addiction. What would your wife think, if she knew the reason why you weren't fucking her anymore was because you were to busy whacking off in the next room to young hot sluts? We will tell her, unless you will do something for us. we dare you to go get a pair of your wifes panties to jerk and cum into. Is it worth ruining your marriage over?

Bikini Booty Bouncing - Does a thong and mirco thong, count as any ass coverage? Probably not, so what better time then to tease your fucking idiots with our asses? Watch as me and Chrissy V, shake and bounce our pretty little behinds to get our way with you. Now straight guy can resist a clip like this, just try to, bet you can't!

Cum Face - Haha, okay the title is a little misleading, but your still going to buy this and jerk off a huge load to it anyways. We don't have all day, so hurry this super romantic scene through, :rolls eyes:. What face do you want to cum on? Haha, our bored face? Or our sad face? Whatever you do, don't get it in Savannah's eyes! Funny cum on our face clips, as we insturct you laughing to shoot your jizz.

  Bestselling Handjobs Summer 2010
Length: 70 minutes
Price: $49.99 USD



Category: HANDJOBS

Added: 07/31/10 01:57:14 AM

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It's the last month of summer, and it so happens, August is my favorite month (because my birthday is Aug.13th, hint, hint) So in celebration of the hottest, I am putting together what I think are the hottest handjob clips of the summer! Bestselling for a reason, but you will soon find out for yourself. This is over an hour worth of jerking of cock! And not only that, but if you bought all the clips separtly, it would be $75, an of course since I am a sweety, I will give it to you for only, $49.99! Here is the video's clip contents and a brief description of each one:

Tickled Pink Handjob - Are you ready to be tickled pink? You know you love my pink fingernails tracing the top of your cock head. It even looks adorable with this pink fingernail wrapped around your dick, trying to make you reach your climax. Tickling pink handjob amazing!

Better Than Brothers Handjob - You sure do a good job on using my panties for you jerkoff pleasure. But, I noticed, I am still way better at handjobs! Maybe you should pay better attention when I am giving you, my little brother, a perfect handjob tonight, so you can improve your skills?

Cum Condom For You - There are alot of gay idiots out there obdient for our amusement. one lucky slave whore can buy this condom we used in this clip! Me and my man laugh at how much cum he is going to blast tonight into this condom. I show you up close the contents, and ask who wants this gift from us?

Tempting Tickling Handjob - Your cock hasn't been drained in a while, an your balls are getting way to full! I am going to make sure every last drop of jizz is released. I tickle and tempt your balls with my fingernails, I tease and seduce your cock head as well.

Lipstick Rings Around The Cock - My looks look extra sexy, when I pile on the lipstick. It turns my boyfriend on when I pout my lipstick lips I have to do my job Of course with my mouth that turned him on so much in the first place! So I place my heavily lipsticked mouth around his cock, and get to sucking! I leave my mark of lipstick rings all over his cock.

  Home Alone Fun
Length: 50 minutes
Price: $19.99 USD




Added: 07/09/10 12:30:02 PM

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5 clips of me home alone playing with my kitty various ways. lol

  My Favorite Cocks!!
Length: 50 minutes
Price: $29.99 USD



Category: BLOW JOBS

Added: 07/02/10 11:04:02 AM

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5 Clips of my favorite cocks I have sucked over the last few years!! this is a must have for BJ lovers.

  Taboo Family Fun
Length: 35 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD



Category: ROLE PLAY

Added: 05/05/10 11:09:48 PM

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Are you into the whole taboo family affairs thing? It's okay to admit it, alot of you are! Here is your chance to secretly enjoy these pleasures from home. Featuring 5 great famil themed clips. 35 mins worth of hot clips, making you beg for more! Here is a list of the clip and a breif description of each below:

Daughter Father Role Play - I can't believe I am admitting this but I am going to tell you my fantasy tonight. I have always had this fantasy where I am the innocent cutie turned hottie daughter, who seduces my horny old daddy. Wanna play along?

Brothers Birthday Fuck - Happy Birthday little brother I was thinking of baking you cake, but then decided, that was to lame. You would much rather celebrate in an adult fashion! For intstance, getting to fuck your dream girl. Me, your big sis!

Daughters Horny Lap Dance - Daddy I hope your not mad that you just found out that your darling daughter was a stripper. I hope you support my career as a dancer. I am awesome at it, here let me know you how I give lap dances. I wiggle and grind it around just right to have guys, really aching and horny for me. See it's even working on you daddy!

Clean Dirty Underwear On - I am going to be out all night tonight, so I want you to be a good boy while I am gone. I have a date tonight and hopefully your momma will get laid. so I left you with some chores to do, Here is my dirty panties, now you must be gentle with them, they are my delicates. They have to be handwashed, and througly.

Family Secrets - I think it's time to let my secret out to Savannah. You know, the dirty little secret about how close me and my brother REALLY are. I sit my little brother down, and introduce him to my good friend Savannah. And that's when I tell her, me and my brother, have a sexual reletionship going on. Uh oh, how do you think she will react?

School Uniform Daughter Masturbation - Oh great, school season is here again. Daddy, I don't want to go back to school is because all my friends got hot new cars, an I am stuck with this peice of garbage you gave me. I was thinking, if you do for me, then I will do for you. I know you have this fantasy of beating off to a school girl while wearing her uniform, so why not beat off to your daughter wearing her school uniform?

  Facial Fest
Length: 48 minutes
Price: $29.99 USD



Category: FACIALS

Added: 04/03/10 10:12:06 PM

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How about getting ready for the hottest cum dripping from Curious Cristine to date? This DVD is filled with the best facial scenes I have ever filmed. You will be wanting to cover my face with jizz in no time after watching this! You get 50mins worth hot clips, an you even save a good amount of money versus you buying them separtly off the store! You can get this DVD mailed right to you for, $29.99! Here are some of the clips brief description featured in the DVD.

XMas Hand Fucking Brother - This is just a major tease of the great things that is going to be happening in the year 2010 for this brother and sister couple. So lay back little brother and enjoy the view of your big sister hand fucking your cock until you explode all over my pretty little face.
First Time Blowjob & Facial - At 21years old, he is still a virgin, never even had a handjob or a blowjob before. But Curious Cristine is here to change some of that. Watch as I get down and dirty with the virgin and give him his first blowjob. Even better, I allow him to shot his huge load all over my pretty face.
Pink Lipstick Blowjob - I'm going to make my mark of lipstick rings around your cock but by the time I am doing giving you an amazing blowjob, that lipstick will be all over my own face! when the lipstick is worn off my lips, you get to reapply another color for me all over my pretty little lips. How about cum colored?
Dad's Boss Gets A Handjob Facial- Oh, hello there, my dad's boss. See being my dads daughter, I am just never good enough for him. I have this idea that I would love to share with you, why don't we really stick it to my douche bag father? What would really get him going is if he knew his only daughter, jerked off his boss and allowed him to finish all over her angelic face.
POV Son Watch Mom Get Dad Off - My son needs to be taught his lesson, in cock sucking that is! What better way though to teach honestly then by hands on demonstrating?I take out his step daddy and we laugh as my bad son watches on.

  5 Best Handjobs Of All Time
Length: 55 minutes
Price: $49.99 USD



Category: HANDJOBS

Added: 03/12/10 09:01:09 PM

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It's about that time to give you boys what you really want, handjobs, handjobs, and more handjobs! Here is my top 5 best handjobs of all time. The clips included are listed below with a brief description of each. If you can't cum from this, nothing else can make you.

Daughter Jerks Off Daddy - I was so wasted the other night, I didn't even remeber this happening. My dad thought I was spending the night out, so when I walk through the door he is whacking off to porno. Well, being a horny slut, I try touching my dad! I decide to finish off the job for him, and whack him off until he explodes his shy cum shot all over himself.
Sitting On Top Handjob - My boyfriend just loves my looking at my ass, so tonight I give him a nice view of it, while you get a good view of something else, me jerking off his cock.
Pantyhose Handjob Seductress - There is nothing sexier to some men, then a hot slutty women wearing pantyhose. I wrap my pantyhose clad legs around him, while I jerk his raging hard cock off. I know what he really wants, he wants his jizz all over this smooth pantyhose fabric.
Slow Teasing Tickling Handjob -Apperently you guys fucking love long slow teasing handjobs. Lucky for you, I just love giving them. I like raking my nails up and down your shaft, tickling your balls, and completly controlling your penis with my hand.
Handjob Close Encounter With My Pussy - I sit in between his legs with my pussy very close to his cock and balls. He is hard from just feeling the warmth! I reach down and give him the best wet handjob of his life, while talking so dirty to him, it might even make you blush!

  Celebrate Small Penis Month *SPECIAL*
Length: 30 minutes
Price: $15.99 USD




Added: 02/07/10 11:54:11 PM

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It's a small dick celebration this month at Curious Cristine! We are having our first annual Small Dick Contest and I thought what better way to start things off with a humilating bang, then a compilation Small Cock Celebration DVD! I put together our top 5, small penis humilation clips for the lowest price we are allowed! So get it before I change my mind and charge you fags full price. The clips included are:

Pro Masturbation Instruction SP Edition - Think you can hang with the big boys? You guys usually get left out of the fun when it comes to masturbation instruction clips because they are for average size cocks! you need special instructions on how to get off. So here is a pro masturbation instruction clip, just for you small dicked guys.
POV Small Dick Loser Gets Anal Fucked - Girls love big dicks because it feels amazing, and they hate small dicks because they can't feel it at all! Maybe to understand that, I should teach you hands on? first bend over an assume position. I am going to shove this big dildoe up your ass, to show you how much you can feel these cocks when they are not the size of your itty bitty pathetic excuse for a cock.
Sharing Small Penis Stories Pt.6 - Raquelle hates guys with small dicks! I always have all of my models do these clips, I ask them to tell me their experiences with small dick losers. Raquelle has a great story for you guys about a small dick prick. I dare you not to be humilated as a guy with a small cock!
Large Man Meat VS. You- I can't believe how much you enjoy it when I completly humilate you about your lack of cock size! I bring out a real man, with a huge schlong and compare it to your tiny ding a ling. Trust me, I don't know if I will be able to stop laughing at you!
Tiny Masturbating Problem - I know about your little problem.It's very odd that your cock gets smaller when you masturbate. So don't touch yourself to me tonight. but I know you can't help but touch yourself to me, I am irresiatable. I guess we will have to see what happens.

  First Night With Savannah
Length: 60 minutes
Price: $19.99 USD



Category: BRAT GIRLS

Added: 01/22/10 09:14:31 PM

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Hey boys, I am so glad I introduced you to my friend Savannah! Let me tell you, she gets a kick out of teasing you boys, more then you enjoy jerking off to her beautiful face & body. So here is the deal, for a limited time only, I am going to put the whole first night we filmed with Savannah, on DVD for you boys. Not only that, but for a really low price too! Take advantage of this offer before I stop being so nice, hehe. It's 1 hour worth of your favorite model, Savannah (and a little bit of me, Curious Cristine too). Get it while you can, because I can promise you won't regret it for this price!

  Amuse My Friends You Whore!
Length: 45 minutes
Price: $49.99 USD



Category: BRAT GIRLS

Added: 12/11/09 09:56:43 PM

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At least you know your place by now, your the idiot that has to amuse the hot little brat girls. My friends an I just love to make you do stupid stuff for a good little giggle, and we can get rather mean and demanding at times. If your into being a pathetic wimpy servant, then buy this DVD loser! It is 50 mins worth of various clip that all make you little mindless robots weather it being eating your own cum, or abusing your own cock, or even worse! An your fucking lucky I am not charging you full price either because these bitches are worth it, so I will cut you a deal an only charge you $49.99! Here are the clips you will be whacking off to.

Cum By Amusing Us- you caught me and Sarah Liz on a good night, because we are going to allow you to cum, but only on our terms. as you masturbate we go through a list of wickedly amusing things for you to do to yourself to make us laugh. If you can make us laugh, then we can make you cum.
Amuse Us Cum Bitch Are you ready to make us two hotties laugh at you for doing all the pathetic things we demand you to? We have the ultimate bratty jerk off session, only thing is, we are going to make you do alot of stupid things along the way. the goal here isn't for you to get your load off, but is to keep these two goddess's amused.
Cum Eating Instruction Featuring Miko Starr let's keep it real, the guys on my site are losers, and we would never ENJOY this. Amuse us and make us laugh at you is more like it! I let Miko in on a little secret, you losers, do everything an anything I ask you to. I can't help but laugh along, an throw in some demands for you to do for our amusement. Miko points and laughs at your faggot ass, and can't believe you really do this stuff.
Wanna Cum? Be Gay For A Day! We are going to have a release party for you! Yeah, you are going to be let out of your chastity belt. But only if you can follow our commands. In order for us to unlock your chastity belt, you have to be gay for the day. We got the awesome guy coming over who is going to force you to perform some nasty,kinky gay acts in order to ever cum again.
Quick Cum Idiot Countdown we heard you are a premature ejaculator. Oh, what a shame. your only good for being our amusement we guess. thats play a game to see if it's true that you really are a quick cummer. If you don't cum by our countdown, then we will continue the abuse and humilation, and even something worse.
Ruining Your Pathetic Life What kind of bitchy girls would we be, if we weren't going to use your weakness to our advantage? You do relize how easily we could ruin your life, don't you? well if you don't want us to ruin your life, maybe we won't if you somehow convince otherwise.
Are You Willing To For Us? We always give you the embarssing tasks to do for our amusement, and supringsly to us, you always do each and every single one! Now as much laughter as we get out of the same old huminlating demands, we think it's time to take it to the extreme. What are you really willing to do for us living goddesses?

  Best Of Handjobs
Length: 64 minutes
Price: $29.99 USD



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You know what I really love is giving a nice big dick a handjob! I know you love it to, so thats why I complied this DVD for you. The Best Of Handjobs of 09. Do you really think you can resist over an hour worth of Curious Cristine yanking away on a huge dick? I think not! And for a low price of $29.99, you would be an idiot not to buy it. Your saving over $50 if you bought all of these handjob clips separtly so what are you waiting for?

1st Forced Orgasm Handjob - My first painful forced cum. I am so exicted that I get to yank on this guys cock and milk all the cum out of his cock. Well I laugh at him, he can't control himself any longer an ends up exploding everywhere in an extremly painful orgasm.

Are U Hungry For His Cum? - To bad you losers can't be lucky enough to have your cock sucked by me. But you know what, you can have a very special part of this tonight. Now watch me suck off this huge perfect cock, As I have him finish his cum on my hand, I look at you and let you know, this is your very special job. Go on, lick up the messy cum load in my hand!

Younger Boy Older Woman Handjob - Such a young boy. A women like me could really teach you a thing or two. Don't be shy, this will be fun. You can't resist me, you shouldn't try to either! I want to show you what it feels like to have a pro stroke your cock and balls, until you blow your load.

Wish You Were Me Faggot - Hey faggot bitches, I got a real treat for you today. I know how much you just love to worship my guys cock , but today not only do you get to see it, but you get to see it be jerked. Watch when he cums, he finishs all over me. We laugh at you while we taunt you for being gay for his cock!

Payment For Handjob Daddy - I am trying really hard to save up for my boob job, unfortunatly I hate working hard to make money. I know my dad has a bunch of money ,I also seen nude pics of myself in that safe, which I know I didn't take of myself. I think my dad is harboring a secret crush on his barely legal daughter! What's a sneaky bratty girl to do? Bribe and blackmail him of course!I persuade him into getting a handjob for me, all for a price though, how much do you think daddy is willing to pay me for a special handjob for his daughter?

Dad's Boss Gets A Handjob Facial - Oh, hello there, my dad's boss, I wasn't expecting you to show up. It's to bad, my dad just left . I am mad at my dad an I would really love to get back at him. What would really get him going is if he knew his only daughter, jerked off his boss and allowed him to finish all over her angelic face. Haha, specially on his couch. Your game for it, right?

  Giantess Goddess
Length: 35 minutes
Price: $34.99 USD



Category: GIANTESS

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Who is your favorite Giantess Goddess? Oh that would be me, Curious Cristine. Are you ready for 35mins worth of bone crushing, pecker whacking, huge giantess sexy powerfullness? Whew, probably not, but at least you can try to be! Here are the clips included in this dvd, followed by a brief description of them. An as always, your saving a good amount by buying this DVD! Buy it you know you wanna little men!

POV Tiny Man Crushing - After getting home after a long day of work, that last thing I need is some tiny pervert to get in my way! I slide off my heels, and go to put on some slippers, when I relize there is something hiding in my slipper! A tiny man! How dare you, now your going to pay.

Bratty Giantess Teases Then Crushes - This one itty bitty loser tonight, he snuck into my house! I notice how turned on he is by my giantess ways, these long legs and big ass in front of him gets his knees shaking! I laugh the whole time at him thinking about the bad things I could do to him for my amusement.

POV Little Man Farted On - I love being able to fuck with the tiny little men, I usually end up stepping on them. I really wanna mess with their minds this time though! get up here where you belong next to my giant ass! enjoy not only the sights from up here, but the sounds and smells too. Hehe, confused?

Tiny Guy In Cum - I am so glad you could make it tonight little man. tonight I wanted to try something different and more humilating. I prefer large men, bigger and stronger then me! In fact I had one over earlier, an I had him leave a little present for you. I jerked his large cock and milked out all his cum into this cup. See all that cum? Well, that's your present.

Giantess Makes You Rub 1 Out - I find it kinda cute the lengths you would go as a tiny little person, just to witness my perfection. Instead of crushing you with my mile long legs, I am going to reward you for being so loyal to me. Why don't you try to impress this giant princess, and try to shot out a giant size load!

Giantess Cherie & Cristine Use You - Cherie has never seen something like this before in her life. I am so anxious to show her though. So thats why we brought you in little itty bitty loser face. Cheri needs to know the joys of being a giantess in control, all the power that you can hold over a small man. If they fuck up, getting rid of them is so easy, put your foot up, and slam down. And plop, squash, crunch!

Micro Men Good Or Bad? - All little men out there, if you ever wondered what good could you possibly be, being so tiny, well me and Sarah Liz have the answers for you. After a humilating you for the first couple minutes in this clip, we decide to then think of your positive qualities. we weigh out the pros and cons of keeping someone like you around, We do you think we are going to do?

  End Of Summer Top Selling Clips
Length: 40 minutes
Price: $39.99 USD




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I know summer is gone, but it's no reason to be sad. I can still keep you super hot! To kick off fall, I put together this DVD of the Top Selling Clips of The Summer Of 2009. It is over 40 minutes guarnated to keep things sizzling. And because I love you fans so much I am even selling it to you for only $39.99, so yeah, do the math, your saving some money. Below is a brief clip description of each clip included. Here's to having an equally hot Autumn!

Worship Cock Fags - We love making you understand how much of a faggot you really are for us. You get soooo turned on by my mans dick in your face. You shouldn't even worry about getting a chick, just accept the fact that your a faggot now. I guess you can jerk off your cock right now to the sight of it.

POV Sexy Erotic Facial - Hopefully I caught you before you have masturbated because for this, you need a ton of cum. Your favorite sexy pleasure is facials, right? I am going to make your dream come true, you get to be part of giving the most erotic facial ever!

Neighbor Wanks Off Seducing - My neighbor, has such a crush on me. One day he just strolls into my house, an I decide to give him the ultimate tease. I let him jerk off to me, while I seduce him. Go on and explode your cum load for me neighbor!

Domination Painful Instruction - Unfortuntly you have been a bad boy. I am going to have to punish you. Go get a couple of things before we start. A candle, an object to slap yourself with, buttplug, and matches. Your going to use them against yourself. Let the torture begin!

Daddy Likes Jerking To Feet - OMG Daddy I found your porno collection! Odd thing was, it was all foot fetish stuff. I never knew my daddy had a fetish for feet, no wonder why you always pay for me to get pedicures. You can't resist feet, so if I allow you to masturbate to my feet then maybe you will take me off punishment? Daddy you know you can't resist your daughters feet!

Shrinking Humilating Virgin - I heard you were still a virgin, is that true? You do know tonight I am taking your virginity though, right? Pull down your pants. Oh, thats a tiny penis. What's going on, not only is your dick small but your getting smaller too. Weird your shrinking everytime I degrade you.

Descriptive Cum Eating Loser - "I'm a loser who needs to be humiliated. I wear panties, and always jerking off. Instruct me on how to masturbate and what panties I should wear. I want you to force me to eat my own cum. I want to be told I will never get a girl by being a panty wearing, and now cum eating fag."

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