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  Her Brother's Keeper and Fast Cash!
Length: 70 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 09/23/12 04:08:23 PM

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Get ready for the bondage thrill ride that is Her Brother's Keeper and Fast Cash!,the explosive new action packed double feature from David Knight and Juliet Heart. Starring three of the sexiest ladies in the business, bondage Superstar Candle Boxxx, Danielle Trixie and Nikki Sebastian, this one is going to set your pulse pounding!

When gorgeous Candle Boxxx broke up with her boyfriend, how could she know he'd commit suicide? And that his bitch on wheels sister would come looking for revenge? Juliet Heart has Candle and hauled the bound and gagged babe deep into the woods where she can take all the time she needs to makes sure the beautiful Candle pays dearly- and painfully- for causing her brothers ! She hauls Candle up by her wrists and hair, rips the clothing from the busty blonde's sweet body and then the torment really begins! It's maximum outdoor bondage excitement as scream's are muffled by mouth filling gags, tender nipples are punished by stinging clothespins and Candles flexible young body is tied tightly and often! This is the thriller starring Candle Boxxx that her army of fans have all been waiting for!!

Then the red hot and filthy rich Danielle Trixie and her girlfriend Nikki Sebastian made one very big mistake while shopping. They forgot to check the back seat! And suddenly they were strictly bound and gagged and at the mercy of one very evil man with very bad intentions! He stripped the terrified bound and gagged babes! He groped and fondled their large soft breasts as they screamed into their gags! He was going to enjoy binding these two beauties over and over while he waited for Danielle's father to come up with a 5 million dollar ransom of Fast Cash!

This is a do NOT miss DVD from David, Juliet and the House of Thrills!! 70 minutes of tight bondage starring three of the most beautiful models in the biz!! They are going to go fast, so don't be left out! Get yours now!!

  Stalked In Seattle! DKB-33
Length: 75 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 07/18/12 06:14:27 PM

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Sexy Kristyna Dark has a smoking hot body, strawberry blonde hair clear to her waist, and... a deranged stalker! As Kristyna pays her first ever visit to the beautiful city of Seattle, she is unaware of the evil man watching her every move. That is until she feels a hand come down hard over her mouth, and kicking and screaming, she is locked into the trunk of her own car and driven away!

Soon the frightened blonde finds herself totally bound and gagged and at the mercy of a madman! He strips off her clothes and gropes her breasts over and over again as she squirms and moans in fear! Kristyna is totally helpless as her captor binds her sweet body time after time! She is hauled into a dungeon he has created just for her where her torments continue. When he has had enough of her for the moment, she is locked into a wire cage, still stringently bound and tightly gagged and left for the night!

Next day, with her captor gloating that she was going to be his slave forever, Kristyna knows her only hope of survival is escape. But he never leaves her unbound for a moment and escape seems impossible! Can she somehow get away? Will she even survive? Find out in the thrilling and shocking life or conclusion of “Stalked in Seattle!”

"Stalked in Seattle" is 75 minutes of bondage action and thrills and it will knock your socks off!! Get yours today!!

  Trespass Terror! JHV-10
Length: 63 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/26/11 07:52:02 PM

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Superstar Sinja Wells is back in a red-hot tale of bondage danger and excitement!

Her sister plays a cruel practical joke on the gorgeous Sinja, leaving her stranded on a back road in a see through dress and high heels. Frightened and lost, Sinja seeks help at a farmhouse she spies in the distance. But her fear becomes a real life nightmare as the demented woman who owns the house brands her a trespasser who now belongs to her!

Sinja is stripped, bound to a tree and cruelly flogged, her screams muffled by a tight gag! Dragged both indoors and out the sexy Sinja is bound and gagged over and over! This movie is just one hot scene after another as the beautiful young woman’s muffled screams plead for a rescue that will not come!

Sinja is bound wearing cleave gags, ball gags, tape and harness ball gags! She is flogged in several scenes and her tender nipples assaulted with stinging clothespins! You will see her in spike heels, stocking feet and barefoot too, and wearing everything from sexy lingerie to nothing but panties!

See why David Knight called Sinja Wells “perhaps the most beautiful girl I have ever worked with!” Juliet Heart took this beautiful model and created an erotic masterpiece of peril and bondage! Order “Trespass Terror” now! It will rock your world!!

  Maria's Journey! JHV-14
Length: 62 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/26/11 07:43:20 PM

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Spend over an hour with longhaired lovely Maria Shadoes as she runs afoul of the beautiful but evil Juliet Heart. Juliet has bondage on her mind as she snatches up the red haired beauty and drags the helpless girl on “Maria’s Journey!”

It’s a journey filled with tight ropes, vicious gags, sexy outfits and nasty nipple clamps! Maria’s terror will be your pleasure as you watch the frightened girl with the very bendable body bound again and again! Juliet even her, though no one can hear her muffled cries through the series of mouth filling gags the helpless girl endures! “Maria’s Journey” is seven action filled scenes and 62 thrilling minutes long! It’s a trip you will want to take again and again.

  Catch and Release Rampage! KL-16
Length: 105 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/14/11 06:05:58 PM

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Across the country beautiful women are hiding behind locked doors and cowering in fear! The Thing is on the loose and he is moving fast, snatching gorgeous girls off the streets, from their own cars and their very homes!

Sweet young things keep vanishing! They are tightly bound and viciously gagged, their shoes pulled off to expose their lovely bare feet and their tops ripped open so The Things groping hands can maul their tender breasts! Nothing can save them!!

Catch and Release Rampage takes you right into the heart of their terror as five gorgeous girls are by a monster! Kimberly Marvel and Wednesday Harrington head an all-star cast of beauties, which also stars Kara Romanov, Kathy Carson and Zayda Jordan in their world bondage DVD premier!

KL-16 is an hour and 45 minutes of blazing bondage action, featuring five bound and bare foot beauties, mouth filling gags, tight ropes and all the storyline action that David, Juliet and the House of Thrills are known for!

Beautiful bound feet! Gorgeous faces screaming into gags as their soft breasts are groped and mauled! Five beautiful girls, helpless against a monster and his ropes! Check the pictures then order the movie! You are in for one hell of a thrill ride!

  Rich Man's Wife! DKB-3
Length: 107 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/13/11 04:31:17 PM

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DKB-3 "The Rich Man's Wife!"

Starring: Bree Anthony

1 Hour and 47 Minutes

Fame, power and money. They are all yours if you are "The Rich Man's Wife." Until the day a vicious decides that HE wants that money, and your world is torn apart!

Beautiful Bree Anthony is the helpless victim of a plot. Snatched right off the street, the terrified beauty has fallen into the clutches of a cruel thug whose only desire seems to be to tie her tight and gag her tighter!!

Laughing at her muffled cries for mercy, the madman binds Bree's sweet young body over and over, and films her desperate, doomed, struggles for escape. He knows when her filthy rich husband sees what he is doing to the helpless brides body, that he will have no choice but to pay to save her life.

But things spin out of control when the millionaire refuses to ransom his bride! Her enraged captor only has one person to take his fury out on. "The Rich Man's Wife!"

Lovely Bree Anthony, a real life spokes model for a major brewing company, runs head on into the ropes and gags of David Knight!

This film features a beautiful heroine in peril, rope bondage, cleave, ball, tape, wrap and hand gags, escape attempts, and an exciting story filled with crosses and double crosses as the desperate Bree tries to save her life!

"The Rich Man's Wife" is 13 tight and tasty bondage ties, and nearly 2 full hours of bondage thrills and action! Don't miss it!

  Stalked! DKB-16
Length: 97 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/08/11 06:50:27 PM

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The latest white hot bondage thriller from KnightStorm Films explodes onto the screen as two super sexy young women catch the eye of a madman, and find out they are being "Stalked!!"

First, gorgeous Asian princess Jade is a college cheerleader who comes home to what she thinks is an empty house. That is until she is cornered by an obsessed lunatic who has bound and gagged both her roommates and is saving his most evil plans for her!

Jade is captured and , then, already gagged, she is made to strip on screen and put on the sexy lingerie her attacker has brought for her. Then its time for ropes, gags, fondling and terror! Jade is very tightly bound in 6 scenes, and gagged with cleave, tape and ball gags! She is both and later carried as she helplessly squirms!

Then hot and oh so sexy Shawna Martin stars in two "Stalker Stories!" As a cute college coed in mini-skirt and tennys, she takes the wrong shortcut to school and is soon the squirming captive of a depraved redneck! Bound and helpless, she can only shriek through her gag as he pulls her huge breasts free. Its terror in the woods for Shawna!

Then Shawna captures the eye of another villain, who snatches her while she is washing her car! Its tight ropes and tighter gags for the beautiful blonde as her stalker tightly ropes her breasts and clothespins her nipples! Then to her horror he loads the struggling bound beauty into the trunk of her own car! Can anyone save her??

"Stalked!" is an all new, all great bondage adventure from David Knight, Juliet Heart and the House of Thrills! You get cleave, ball and tape gags, , hand gags and carry scenes! There are tennis shoes, barefoot, stocking foot and high heels scenes! Plus two beautiful young coeds in tight ropes, tighter gags and the kind of bondage peril that only David and Juliet do so well!

"Stalked!" 1 hour and 37 minutes of pure adrenaline and bondage action!! Get yours now!!

  3 Facets of Jewell! JHV-07
Length: 50 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/08/11 06:41:10 PM

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Beautiful and world renown bondagette Jewell Marceau falls into the clutches of Juliet Heart in 3 different mini-tales of bondage and adventure.

First comes “The Gift” as Jewell, in bra, panties and heels, is presented with a glittering box full of ball gags! One by one she tries them on in a multi-view mirror, cooing in pleasure at the way they make her luscious lips look! She even puts on her lip makeup for all of you fans while securely ball gagged!

Then Jewell is a sexy vinyl clad nurse. She shot her male patient in the butt one too many times, and now the tables have turned! Tightly bound, Jewell protests, but he stuffs her mouth with a huge wad of cloth, then ace bandages it in! Nurse Jewell ain’t going anywhere!

Last, it’s the super sexy debut of SuperVixen Katt Klawz as she tries to stop a demented cat burglar. She is ambushed though, and falls into his evil hands. He the gorgeous Jewell, and each time she is almost out, he lets her breath a moment before applying the cloth again. She awakens tightly bound in a wicked strappado, and is tape gagged on camera. Then its an inescapable hogtie for our lovely damsel, along with yet another tape gag! This Katt is caught!

Sexy outfits, tight ropes and gags and the luscious Jewell bound just for you!! Jewell Marceau is hot, and so is this film! Don’t wait! Get yours today!

  Panty Gag Attack! KL-17
Length: 62 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 02/08/11 04:02:07 PM

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College coed Wednesday Harrington is one smoking hot babe! Long red hair, big blue eyes, shapely legs and a huge pair of breasts! And she is about to have the worst day of her life!

Wednesday is just finishing her laundry and playful sliding into some sexy fresh panties, unaware of the crazed set of eyes following her every move. Suddenly a hand clamps roughly over her mouth and she is jerked off her feet, out of the room and into a nightmare!

It is the attack of the panty pervert! Our heroine is tightly bound over and over and her mouth stuffed to bursting with pair after pair of her panties as her captor sniffs them in ecstasy! He tears her tops loose and his rough hands maul her beautiful big breasts. Her cries and screams are muffled because of a mouth and cheeks stuffed to overflowing by her own sexy panties! He even puts the frightened girl in the shower, turning the water on her as he tears apart her top to get at her lush breasts!

Panty Gag Attack is the latest thrill ride from KnightStorm Films! There is a beautiful girl, a vicious villain, tight ropes, bare feet galore, major breast groping and scene after scene of Wednesday getting her sweet mouth slowly stuffed full of her own panties, which are later cruelly tugged from between her helpless lips as a new batch is shoved in!

This one’s a must have guys, and every red-hot second can be yours!! Don’t wait another moment! You’ve got to be there for the “Panty Gag Attack!!”

  Madness & Meth! KL-8
Length: 100 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 07/05/09 06:24:01 PM

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Two gorgeous cops and a pair of drug-crazed killers collide in the newest thrilling adventure from David Knight Bondage! And it's going to take your breath away!

Sexy police officer Kate Mandala and her gorgeous pal, security officer Lydia McLane stumble upon a meth drug lab run by two homicidal crooks. But a routine bust goes terribly wrong, and suddenly the two beauties find themselves the helpless, bound and gagged prisoners of a pair of stone killers!

One of the crazies can't keep his fondling hands away from the two girls soft breasts.. the other can't wait to put bullets through their heads!

Hogtied, chair tied and bound back to back, the two lovely cops struggle to escape from the murderous duo. They know only too well that when the big drug buy goes down, there is no way they are going to survive it!

"Madness & Meth" is another great uniform bondage thriller from the ones who do them best.. Two gorgeous girls, tied tight and gagged tighter! ! Groping! Real action and real acting, with a blazing climax that will leave you breathless!

Don't miss it!!

  Dastardly Deeds! JHV-8
Length: 73 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 07/04/09 09:24:01 PM

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What do you get when you take five hot young lovelies, tightly rope and gag them, throw in a couple of nasty villains and then put Juliet Heart behind the camera?

You get some Blazing Hot Bondage, and a lot of “Dastardly Deeds!!”

“Dastardly Deeds” is the latest film from Juliet Heart, and guys, it’s going to make you grin! Done in a primarily vignette style, these beautiful girls appear as a cheerleader, a nurse, and a French maid among others, and of course we had to toss in a couple of tightly bound, gagged and leashed slave girls forced into a cage where they quiver in fear!

“Dastardly Deeds” is 73 hot minutes of ball gags, cleave gags and tape gags! and captures! Heels, stocking feet and bare feet! Eleven scenes in living room, dungeon and the great outdoors!! Juliet Heart made it. You are going to love it!!

  Hostage House! DKB-14
Length: 84 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 07/04/09 12:24:01 PM

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Hot coeds, sexy French maids and the most beautiful Mountie you've ever seen! Hold on tight bondage lovers! It's "Hostage House", the latest kickass bondage adventure from David, Juliet and the house of thrills!!

Cleo Nicole, perhaps the most beautiful of all the Hollywood bondage models, makes her thrilling debut with David Knight Bondage. She plays Brittany, a spoiled, rich and sexy coed. Exotic and sexy Mikayla Yamada is Holly, the French maid hired by Brittany's daddy to keep his darling daughters house clean, and his own kinky bed warm.

Its hate at first sight between the two lovelies, and it erupts into a major catfight! But the fight turns into a fight for survival when a crazed criminal bursts in making both of these sexy women his bondage prisoners! As the pair are stripped and writhing in cutting ropes and gags, the home is wired with high explosives!! Daddy is told, "Pay the ransom or your daughter and your lover both !" The two beauties struggle helplessly through bondage after bondage as the madman toys with them! Time is ticking down on the captive girls, and their story ends in a wicked triple twist that you won't see coming!

Then it's the Bondage Diva herself, beautiful blonde Vesta, starring as "The Manhandled Mountie!" The Mounties call out everyone when a couple of psycho crooks escape into the deep woods, and suddenly the gorgeous, uniformed officer is on her first case, and hot on the trail. But the tables are turned, and she is soon the captive of two murdering madmen. They waste no time binding, gagging and stripping the helpless girl, and groping hungrily at her breasts as they torment her! Vesta is stripped, bound, led through the woods, caged and groped in this breathtaking thriller. Will the gorgeous young girl get out alive??

David and Juliet blow the doors right off of the New Year with their latest bondage super thriller, loaded with gorgeous girls in tight bondage and danger! This one will be moving fast! Don't you dare miss it!

  Damsel Collector DKB-13
Length: 116 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 07/03/09 12:12:01 PM

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Blonde, busty and beautiful Kristina Grant is a secretary for a shoe company that specializes in high heels. She makes the mistake of angering a buyer when she says women should never have to wear heels that high. In a psychotic rage, he kidnaps the frightened girl. The helpless beauty will now spend all her time bound, gagged and wearing nothing but 5 and 6 inch heels! He will train her to be his high heeled bondage slave.. and the training starts now!

If you love very high heels, legs and feet, or if you just love beautiful big breasted blondes in tight ropes and gags, you are going to love this film! Kristina's feet and luscious body are tormented over and over. She is made to serve as a bondage maid, and dance to the tune of a crop, all while tightly bound. Kristina thinks she's in hell, but you will think you're in heaven!

Then you will be treated to over 50 eye-popping mini- scenes of a dozen of David's own damsels as they writhe in bondage in scenes from their own movies. Yow! Cleave gags, tape gags, ball gags and drooling! Tons of close-ups! Bare breasts, street clothes and uniforms! Tight ropes and even tighter gags as these beauties struggle in vain for freedom!

Then watch scenes from Bond Con in NYC, David Knight and Diva Vesta struggle for power. Then Juliet Heart binds and gags first Shade Payne, then Lady Agony on the bed. But David decides that two girls are company but three are a blast! Soon Juliet has made it a threesome as she too squirms in ropes on the bed!

Nearly 2 full hours of great bondage excitement and adventure from David, Juliet and the House of Thrills! A MUST HAVE FOR ANY BONDAGE COLLECTOR!

  Game Plan! Cheerleaders 2 DKB-12
Length: 90 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 06/22/09 09:12:01 PM

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Two evil slavers put their "Game Plan" in motion, and the cities sexiest cheerleaders are disappearing!! Snatched, bound and terrorized one by one! And no one can save them!

Sinja struggles helplessly, her beautiful ass held off the ground by a vicious crotch rope! Alexa moans in the back of her car as her huge breasts slowly spring free! Lynn, outside, screams thru her gag as her blouse is torn open and her breasts bared! And PJ, helplessly roped, whimpers in fear as Marla rips her pantyhose to pieces, then hand gags her and toys with her beautiful breasts!

"Game Plan" is 1 hour and 25 minutes of bondage excitement and adventure, featuring 4 sweet and sexy cheerleaders in ropes, gags and danger! It has Beautiful girls! Tight ropes! Cleave, ball and tape gags! High heels and lots of bare feet and toe ties! Hand gags galore, a , fem on fem groping and even a bound captive nailed inside a crate!

And of course it has what David and Juliet are famous for- screen filling close-ups of those beautiful gagged faces, and tight ropes and tighter gags, all wrapped around a thrilling bondage adventure!

Its all right here bondage lovers! Don't miss it!!

  Caravan of Cheerleaders DKB-11
Length: 90 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 06/21/09 09:12:01 PM

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Bet you can't snatch just one!! When renegade white slavers Evil Ed and Mad Marla set their sights on gorgeous cheerleaders, they aren't satisfied with one. They aren't going to stop until they've the whole damn squad!!

The slavers are out of control, and sweet young cheerleaders are disappearing right and left! Sizzling Sinja Wells is right off a busy street! Yanked squealing through a hard hand gag into a waiting van, Sinja is , bound and !

PJ Parker has just pulled on her pantyhose when she is attacked and bound in her own bedroom!

Beautiful, busty Alexa Carrera is washing her car when she suddenly finds herself a bound and gagged victim, driven off in her own hot set of wheels!

And fan fave Princess Analise wandered from the path. Now she is tightly bound and gagged in the woods, left alone to struggle as Ed goes after even more sweet cheerleader booty!

Caravan of Cheerleaders is packed full of lovely cheer queens, tightly bound and gagged even tighter! You'll see on screen captures, ties, hand gags and a ! Girls bound both indoors and outdoors, in a van and in a car! Girls in tennis shoes, girls in heels, and girls in white socks! Barefoot girls, girls in pantyhose and girls in stockings and garters!

So what are you waiting for? Caravan is nearly 90 minutes of bound and gagged cheerleaders and bondage excitement from David Knight, Juliet Heart, and the house of thrills! Get yours today!

  Captives of Rope Goddess JHV-5
Length: 57 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 06/20/09 09:12:01 PM

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Shawna is taken down by her slave for her own bondage torment!

Then, over 45 minutes of Malana, in her first bondage video! As a cop bound and gagged! A cheerleader tormented and tied with clothespins! And finally two intense scenes of Dominant Women! Juliet finds that Malana has been stealing's revenge with tight ropes, multiple clohtespins and more!!! Rope Goddess strikes again!

Uniforms, cheerleader, corsets, boots, high heels and stockings, clothespins, ballgags, cleave/wrap/stuffed/tape....and of course lots and lots of ROPE!

  Sizzling in Ropes JHV-4
Length: 61 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 06/19/09 09:00:02 PM

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Beautiful, blonde and busty Shawna finds smoking is hazardous to her health. She didn't hear the bad guy who had broken into her house! Shawna is a bound beauty, the sexiest bound college girl you ever saw, and even a cop!! Julia is tantalizing as the maid in service, and INTENSE as she feels her first saran wrapping.

Smoking, , schoolgirl outfits, cops, wrestling, a maid uniform, and more!! This one has it all, plus gorgeous Julia Rodgers and Juliet herself!!

They'll blow ya out of the water guys!! And you'll love it!!

  's Touch KL-7
Length: 87 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 06/18/09 09:00:02 PM

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Gorgeous newcomer Iris Greene plays a sexy cop in a fight for her life in "Killers Touch", the latest, greatest Knight Lightning film from David Knight Bondage.

Kristi Madison is a good cop who is only trying to make a few extra off duty dollars when she stops by a country house to serve some papers on her way home. She walks into a weekend of terror!

Kristi recognizes the woman who answers the door as Annie, the getaway driver in a robbery. She has the woman at when she is ambushed from behind by Nick, the leader. A hard hand clamps over her mouth as the barrel of a digs into her temple! Kristi is suddenly the prisoner of a merciless with a lust for the soft bodies of beautiful young women!

With tight ropes digging at her flesh and a cruel gag cutting into her mouth, Kristi learns her fate. Another robbery is planned. Kristi will be their hostage and their plaything until they are safely away. But then, Nick whispers into her ear as his hands grope and squeeze her tender breasts, her lifeless body will be thrown out in the mountains, a feast for the animals. The minutes left of Kristi's life begin to tick away!

You are going to love this Super Thriller from David Knight & Juliet Heart! Kristi is tied, onscreen, in a chair, on the floor and hogtied on a table. Her breasts are fondled through her uniform! Her escape attempt brings only tighter ropes and gags and stricter punishment! She is bound overnight in a closet, then dragged outside where Nick tears at her blouse and fondles her naked breasts! And finally, another attempted escape from where she is bound in a deserted barn leads to perhaps the most thrilling fight to the in bondage films ever!

You are about to discover why David Knight Bondage is known as the King of the Uniform Bondage Thriller!

This one has it all bondage adventure lovers! A gorgeous heroine in mortal danger, ensnared in tight ropes and tighter gags! An exciting, well acted storyline! "Killers Touch is nearly 90 minutes of great bondage action! Don't miss it!!

  Track of the Outlaw KL-5
Length: 97 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 06/17/09 08:56:50 PM

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The wild, wild west lives again as beautiful Deputy Sheriff Samantha Kane follows a white-hot trail of vengeance, and The Track of the Outlaw!

Sinja Wells, the sexiest cowgirl you have ever seen, is part of a posse hunting down a murdering bank robber. Splitting away from the rest, she follows her own instincts, and soon has the bad guy at . The tables are turned though, and suddenly it is Deputy Samantha who is the captive of a !

The desperado has become separated from his horse, and the mass of stolen loot in its saddlebags. Thus begins a quest for a fortune in stolen money, with the beautiful deputy, bound, gagged and powerless, as his helpless prisoner.

For days on end she is pulled through the woods of 1880's Montana, always strictly bound and tightly gagged. Samantha knows that when he finds his money, her life will end!

You will thrill to this great story as Sinja is bound and gagged again and again, hogtied, and made to sleep tied to a tree. And wait till you see her desperate escape attempt through the woods, still tightly bound and gagged, as a crazed closes in on her!

This thrilling video stars new bondage superstar Sinja Wells in a full hour and 37 minutes of bondage thrills, action and adventure. The excitement never stops building until the shocking life or struggle at the end of The Track of the Outlaw!

  Bound and Broken! DKB-10
Length: 90 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: BONDAGE

Added: 05/09/09 12:36:01 AM

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Petite and sweet Maggie Mae finds out the hard way that its bad news when a woman catches you in bed with her boyfriend. But when that woman is a vengeance crazed female cop with a thirst for bondage and mayhem, bad news for Maggie quickly becomes a terror filled nightmare of ropes, gags and pain!

Juliet Heart plays the enraged cop who kicks her cheating boyfriend out of the house and tells the tiny beauty that she won't be going anywhere! She is about to be bound….. and broken!!

Maggie's world instantly becomes one of cuttingly tight ropes and gags as the beauteous cop sets out to turn her captive into her slave! Maggie's panties are torn off and stuffed into her mouth as Juliet whips the proud beauty! Totally bound and ball gagged, Maggie squirms across the floor in a desperate escape attempt, only to be caught and punished further! Can anyone save her!!??

"Bound and Broken", with story and direction by Juliet Heart, is fine damsel in distress bondage with a wicked edge! Juliet wanted to do a movie with some sting to it, so David turned her loose! And the results really kick ass! Maggie is spanked, whipped and flogged! She is tormented with nipple clips and clothespins! Juliet makes the sweet damsel serve her drinks and act as her personal footstool, all while tightly bound and gagged! And yet this is still very much a damsel in distress bondage film. The ropes and gags never leave Maggie's helpless body as she is put through her torments! And, like many of our films, it has a great surprise ending!

So come and thrill to the excitement as a proud and haughty beauty is "Bound and Broken!" It's 1 hour and 30 minutes of tied and gagged bondage adventure from the people who know how to do it right!

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