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Centaur Celluloid has been producing damsels-in-distress bondage photos and video since 1999. We shoot with a professional eye and equipment and tie up some of the hottest girls available today.

Isaac W., who directs all of the videos, has been shooting women in bondage since he was an amateur in 1990 and working for Harmony Concepts. Our DVDs have been favorably reviewed numerous times by Hustler's "Taboo" magazine.

DVDs ship within 2 business days via USPS PRIORITY MAIL. They are shipped in discreet mailers with a PO Box for a return address.

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  • Diamonds
  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Price: $15.99 USD
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Category:  BONDAGE

Added:  08/03/2016

Outdoor k*dnapping, two bondage sex scenes, interrogations, , full nudity, and hot groping, tying and gagging -- "Diamonds" is a DVD not to be missed!

Hot blonde geologist Andrea (Zoe Matthews) was commissioned to survey a plot of land. Kyra (Natasha Flade) and Neil (Nick Mandingo) grab Andrea, bind and gag her, then hustle her into the trunk of a car. These two need Andrea to change her books. She discovered kimberlite (read: diamonds) beneath that dirt, and it's part of Kyra's plans to have that plot declared worthless. The interrogation of the chair tied and blindfolded blonde includes stripping, groping, a leather belt and a pair of pliers. Soon Andrea has one hand untied and she's writing what they want.

When Neil is informed that Kyra may be double crossing him, he ropes and gags her, too, and drops the two lovelies off at Mace's (Isaac W.) house. There the two hotties are nude, post tied and toyed with. Andrea is ultimately released, but Mace keeps the buxom redhead, Kyra, bound and gagged for two seething-hot bondage sex scenes.

Kyra escapes the callous Mace, and tries to elbow her way back to some diamonds: via jewelery store owner Sara (Connie Sims). She the poor girl, then ties her spread out on a table in a serious effort to get the safe combination.

DVD Special Features: 20 chapter points - TV-size photos - 6 trailers for other Centaur films - Outtakes

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Centaur Celluloid features bondage DVDs of Natasha Flade and other bondage models like Danielle Trixie and Candle Boxx. Our plotted damsel in distress movies feature girls, ladies, hot moms, and babysitters being , grabbed, hand gagged, tied up, gagged, stripped nude and groped. Our videos feature on-screen action ang gagging! All footage is exclusive to Cenatur Celluloid -- you won't find these videos or videos anywhere else except through a few select retailers (unless they've been stolen....)