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  • Length: 126 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018



1. TIGHT JEANS -Caroline Pierce watching a horror movie & holding her bladder. As the movie ends she sighs with relief but has to hobble to the bathroom keeping her legs tightly clamped
2. JEANS BEDWETTING - Autumn is fast asleep but she shouldn't have had that big hearbal tea before bed. She starts wetting her jeans & the nice white sheets underneath. When she gets up she's embaressed that she's soaking pissy wet
3. SPANDEX LEGGINGS - Tori Bell is waiting at Dr's office where she's scheduled for urine test & samples. Dr is running late & she's left in the waiting room with her legs crossed tightly & biting her lips. It won't be long before pees her leggings
4.WONDER WOMAN COSTUME- Kenna shows off her curves in a sexy tight Wonder Woman outfit, with red corset & sheer pantyhose. The shorts are extremely tight... & the bonus? She's bound tightly & struggling to get out!
5. PANTIES & WHITE LEGGINGS- Lena Ramon & Caroline Pierce in a race to get home & pee, wearing white panties & sheer hose & the other wearing white leggings with very nice VPL. They argue about whom gets to go first & Lena blocks Caroline from the toilets. Caroline pisses her panties
6. TAN LEGGINGS- Sybil Hawthorne is bent over & grabbing her crotch on the sidewalk, trying her best to keep her light leggings dry, as any dampness will surely show on the light material
7.DENIM SHORTS- Cheyenne Jewel just came to & realised she's tied up AND has a super full bladder. She's struggling with her bonds, trying to call for help & pressing her legs together so she doesn't pee her pants!
8. TIGHT GREY JEANS- Sybil Hawthorne is bursting for a pee, in her super tight light jeans. Instead of using the toilet she likes how a full bladder feels & loves seeing how long she can hold it before "accidentally" wetting herself. Then it's time to tease you with her pissy cotton panties
9. PANTIES & PANTYHOSE - LENA RAMON- Her nosy annoying neighbor ambushed her on her way home & she's already doing the pee pee dance. But being the polite lady she is, she complies & tries her best to hold it
10. TIGHT JEANS- Lena Ramon has been stopped by the police (you) for suspected Tipsy driving, but she's also so desperate for the toilets. You see how bad she needs to pee & run a warrent check on her while making her do sobriety tests to see how long she can hold on
11. TIGHT BLUE JEANS- Cheyenne Jewel should've used the toilets before her drive home & she didn't anticipate traffic jam. She's grabbing her crotch as she tries to drive home. As soon as she gets out of the car she's struggling to get in but pp starts streaming through her tight jeans
12. BROWN PANTS- Ryan is in super TIGHT pants & oh so desperate for the relief that only a toilet or privacy can give her. She's already bursting so she's trying her best to not leak into her wht cotton panties, crotch grabbing, crossed legs & bending over
13. HIGH RISE 80'S JEANS- Sybil Hawthorne's pressing her thighs tight together as she hobbles down the st in her high rise tight jeans, which shows off her curves & waist very nicely! It's a classic early 90's look
14. TIGHT BLUE JEANS & LEGGINGS - Caroline & Ryan are talking about how much they drank & how they have been holding it for a long time & their bladders are about to burst. They discover that they both enjoy the feeling of an overly full bladder & playing holding games but Ryan unpredictably loses control & wets herself before Caroline
15. BEHIND THE SCENES where all the girls say hello & show off their super soaked PEEE panties for you!!

INEED2PEE DVD #22 - Total Wetness 11 pants wetting scenes
  • INEED2PEE DVD #22 - Total Wetness 11 pants wetting scenes
  • Length: 110 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

INEED2PEE DVD #22 - Total Wetness 11 pants wetting scenes

1 hour & 50mins long. 11 new female desperation & pants wetting scenes for you to enjoy!

1. Arianna & Kenna are in a bathroom lineup & there's only 1 ladies toilet! An elderly lady is hogging the bathroom as the girls are grabbing their crotches & doing the pee pee dance outside it, resulting in a big wet double mess!
2. Real estate agent Ryan is waiting at the condo doors, waiting for you so she can start showing U the place & use the restroom. For some reason the bathroom door is locked but maintenance will take at least 20 minutes to come up!
3. Your cute neighbhor Kenna knocks on your door & her bladder is bursting! She can't get in her house & needs to use your toilet but your GF is starting a shower so she goes out to the balcony to wait for the unevitable flood in her pants!
4. Your cute neighbhor Kenna knocks on your door & her bladder is bursting! She can't get in her house & needs to use your toilet but your GF is starting a shower so she goes out to the balcony to wait for the unevitable flood in her pants!
5. Follow new girl Galas from driving to hobbling up the stairs grabbing her crotch to frantically trying to unsucessfully trying to open the door. She's got a great pee dance butt wiggle & she totally soaks her pink leggings with the VPL!
6. You've called a "novelty" maid to come clean your place after a Tipsyen party. She comes in the cutest black PVC costume with sheer nylons & she's also desperate for the toilets, but unfortunately your friend is being sick in the bathroom! 7. VIcki is hanging out w/ U on the balcony when Kadie comes out to join us but slams the sliding door too hard & the lock catches!! It's a desperate bladder struggle for both girls before they lose control & piss themselves.
8. Brunette Selene is taking a test but she should've used the bathroom earlier. Instead she struggles to focus on her test while crossing her legs tightly. But when she's done her test she can't get her drawstring undone!
9. Brunette Selene is taking a test but she should've used the bathroom earlier. Instead she struggles to focus on her test while crossing her legs tightly. But when she's done her test she can't get her drawstring undone!
10. The beautiful blonde Galas is back to tease U with another uniform pee dance & wetting through her plain white cotton panties. Watch her squirming & feeling how much her bladder is bulging before she loses control & pisses herself!
11. Sexy Tabitha is wearing a sheer top, cotton panties & sheer pantyhose nylons, nursing her full bladder & talking about every sensation of how her desperation feels. She can't wait to piss her pantyhose for you & play with wet panties!
12. BEHIND THE SCENES, short clips of the girls afterwards showing off their pissy wet panties & talking about the experience.

INEED2PEE DVD 28 -15 female PEEE desperation & pants wetting scenes
  • INEED2PEE DVD 28 -15 female PEEE desperation & pants wetting scenes
  • Length: 132 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

INEED2PEE DVD 28 -15 female PEEE desperation & pants wetting scenes

INEED2PEE 28 - 132 mins, 15 new female P33 desperation & pants wetting scenes plus behind the scenes
1. Fetish model Orias @ the gym & she can't make it to the toilets in time so she wets her SPANDEX LEOTARDS & LEGGINGS
2. Caroline Pierce & Sybil Hawthorne at store, training day & the bathroom is getting fixed so they must hold their full bladders, wetting WHITE JEANS & BLUE JEANS TOGETHER
3. Kenna Valentina - driving in car & super desperate to use restroom, wetting her PINK spandex legging pants outside
4. Brookelynne Briar is a Personal Trainer in gym, wearing tight leggings and wetting herself while training a new client!
5. Cheyenne Jewel Prepping Horses wearing her tightest horse riding denim jeans & black boots. These are the actual jeans she likes to wear while riding, & they are SKIN TIGHT. She wets them completely!
6. Louise stuck on phone, wearing white pants & a very full bursting bladder!
7. Tipsy Tori Bell is trying so hard to make it into her hotel room, wearing VPL tight tan capri pants & she wets herself by the toilet
8. Cheyenne Jewel is locked out, wearing beige pants and she spreads her legs while PISSSING her tight pants in agony & embaressment
9. Whitney Morgan is trying to make it to the bathroom but her bathroom door is locked & she barely makes it... she wets her terry cloth shorts over the toilet
10. Sybil Hawthorne is taking out the trash & gets locked out of store. She tries walking to the front, wetting her spandex leggings outside with VPL
11. Real estate agent whitney Morgan is showing you an apartment complex, wetting her panties & business skirt in front of you, the client!
12. Amo Morbia kind of made it to the bathroom, but not really thankfully, wetting her SHORTS
13. Orias Bestat is locked out on the Balcony in blue jean shorts & she can't hold on & wets her denim shorts
14. Brunette is locked out of bathroom, in cotton panties & denim jean skirt. Wetting on the carpet
15. blond Louise is wearing a red cheerleader outfit and can't hold on, wetting her panties & skirt outside
16. BEHIND THE SCENES - get to know the girls from ineed2pee & see them peeling off their pissy soaking wet panties & tight jeans while they say hi!

INEED2PEE DVD 29 - 14 new pants wetting scenes & over 2 HRS.
  • INEED2PEE DVD 29 - 14 new pants wetting scenes & over 2 HRS.
  • Length: 133 minutes
  • Price: $42.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

INEED2PEE DVD 29 - 14 new pants wetting scenes & over 2 HRS.

1. WHITE JEANS -Caroline Pierce, is doing the pee pee dance behind the counter but she tries to maintain professionalism as she interacts with you. The camera switches back and forth from what you see to what really happens behind the counter
2. BLUE JEANS - Candle Box has a roommate with a vengance as she puts diuretics in her morning coffee. Candle takes the last cup and starts driving to work but the urge to pee suddenly grows so quickly
3. PANTYHOSE & NUDE PEEING - Double wetting with sexy Brookelynne Briar who just can’t hold it. So she wets her panties and pantyhose while Daisy trying not to wet her tight white jeans.
4. BLUE JEANS - Caroline Peirce is trying on tight jeans in the fitting room with a very bursting full bladder! It’s a struggle to get the zipper up since it presses on her bladder and she’s got to keep her legs crossed. But while trying on the last pair, a big squirt of piss comes out
5. BLUE JEANS - Kimberly Marvel is super desperate for the toilets but Caroline has gotten them lost. Kim is grabbing her crotch non-stop and all of a sudden yells for the car to stop!
6. GREY JEANS - Brookelynne Briar is stopping, grabbing her crotch and crossing her legs to try to keep her tight jeans dry. As she finally makes it inside, the thought of peeing into the toilets relaxes her muscles
7. BLUE JEANS - Ryan Ryder is driving with a full bursting bladder and you don’t even hide how turned on you are! She likes that you’re horny while she’s desperate and tells you hot pants wetting stories while grabbing her crotch!
8. TAN PANTS - Tipsy Candle Boxx has with a full bladder which continues to fill. Pee is leaking out into her pants! She wakes up suddenly and tries her best to stumble to the toilet to keep her pants dry
9. NAKED PEEING - Jassie James the pornstar is bound when she wakes up and her bladder is very full too! She struggles and tries to call for help while all helpless in leotards and leggings.
10. LINEN PANTS - Ryan Ryder is wearing super tight pants giving her nice cameltoe crotch. She’s in the backyard cleaning and gets lockedout. As her desperation increases so does her frantic crotch grabs!

11. WHITE PANTIES - Cheyenne Jewel has been holding her pee all afternoon, waiting for you to come over so she can do the sexy pee pee dance and butt wiggle in her plaid skirt, white panty and sheer hose because she knows how much you like it!
12. SKIRT & PANTIES -Lena Ramon is showing a house today and the last agent that showed it played a prank and locked all the bathrooms from the inside. Well, she’s already doing the pee pee dance as she arrived but tries to maintain her composure and professionalism as she hobbles desperately
13. PANTIES & PANTYHOSE - Ryan Ryder was reached the bursting point and has to walk slowly while grabbing her crotch from time to time so she doesn’t pee herself. But she realizes she can’t hold it until she gets home! It’s coming out now!
14. PANTIES & PANTYHOSE - Cheyenne Jewel has been holding her bladder the whole drive home, eagerly awaiting the relief as soon as she gets to her house! But her car breaks down and the tow trucks are slow today, forcing her to walk to find public toilets. She is hobbling desperately down the road where she ends up pissing her panties, pantyhose and shoes too
15. BEHIND THE SCENES - Nice long & fun BEHIND THE SCENES with the girls saying hi & showing off their pissy soaking wet panties & soaked peed in jeans
Ineed2pee DVD # Lucky 13
  • Ineed2pee DVD # Lucky 13
  • Length: 103 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Category:  PEE

Added:  03/09/2018

Ineed2pee DVD # Lucky 13

The 13th edition of the INEED2PEE series with tons of pee gushing through their clothing after they try their darndest to hold in their full bladders. Running 103 minutes long with 12 scenes & behind the scenes footage!


Some highlights inclue:
- Alice soaking the car seats. I know many of the car desperation ones they jump out of the car to pee. A lot of the girls found it hard to start peeing in the car in the sitting down position, even if they were completely bursting.
- Megan soaking herself in a dentist chair while waiting for the dentist while her mouth is frozen.
- Sexy halloween costumes on Raven & Alice! Halloween is the best holiday for seeing ladies wear skimpy outfits.

I Need 2 Pee DVD #19 - 13 female desperation & pants wetting scenes
  • I Need 2 Pee DVD #19 - 13 female desperation & pants wetting scenes
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

I Need 2 Pee DVD #19 - 13 female desperation & pants wetting scenes


1. Blonde Kelli is waiting at the busstop, in pure PEEPEE desperation. Wearing a GREEN DRESS AND COTTON PANTIES. Some nice upskirts & behind the scenes stuff too.
2. Moana & Gummi - Moana puts Gummi's HAND IN WATER which makes her PISS HER LEGGINGS. Moana wakes up and is upset so Moana deliberately PEES HER SHORTS to make Gummi feel better.
3. RYan is outside smoking and 2 guys are hitting on her. One of them TICKLES her and she WETS HER WHITE LEGGINGS.
5. Totally Tabitha, a blonde MILF locked out on balcony & WETTING HER PANTIES & jean skirt
6. Ebony model Abernathy 66 almost makes it to the toilet and PEES her TIGHT BLUE JEANS.
7. Cute Kelli is Tipsy and wandering the hallways trying to make it to the bathroom. She doesn't of course and PEES HER GREY LEGGINGS
8. Moana and Gummi are Tipsy in the hotel and both wet their LEGGINGS & JEAN SKORT.
9. Livvy Rose, an alt. tattooed Goth girl and she loves to HOLD HER PEE and WET HER BLUE JEANS on purpose!
10. Ryan Ryder is all tied up on a chair and PEES HER TAN PANTS
11. Neighbhor girl Moana is locked out and needs to pee so badly. She does the pee pee dance in front of you til he WETS HER JEANS
12. Blonde Mandy is in the backseat of the car coming BACK from shooting and she is ACTUALLY REALLY DESPERATE. so I grab the camera and hit the "record" button. She PISSES her PANTIES in the hotel elevator!!! Then she pees the rest in the toilet 13. Sleeping Nikki wakes up and needs to pee! Her pants drawstring is stuck and she PEES HER PANTS OVER THE TOILET!

BONUS BEHIND THE SCENES MONTAGE OF COURSE!!!! To witness all the funness of shooting I Need 2PEE

INEED2PEE DVD #17 - Sunny Winter 2009
  • INEED2PEE DVD #17 - Sunny Winter 2009
  • Length: 105 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

INEED2PEE DVD #17 - Sunny Winter 2009
ANOTHER GREAT DVD FROM INEED2PEE - Running 104 minutes with 12 FULL scenes and a behind the scenes montage at the end too! LOTS of new never before seen girls here! Exact same at the scenes at ineed2pee.com

1. new hot girl. busty MILF Arianna is tied up, she struggles to escape the ropes and run from the thief so she can finally go pee. She begs him to let her go, will she make it? WETTING BLUE JEANS
2. Our new curly hair girl Ryan holds her over full bursting bladder on the way to her friend's house while. Lots of crossed legs, desperate crotch grabbing and desperation talk. WETTING HER WHITE LEGGINGS OUTSIDE.
3. Ryan is hanging out with her friend Trixy they drank too much liquids and their poor bladder are too full & bursting! They hurry up but to Ryan's horror everything is close and she forgot the keys... WETTING JEANS AND RED SHORTS
4. Kim is a Real Estate Agent that is showing a house to a possible buyer, everything is going well the only problem is her bladder is really full and the owner has not show up with the keys. WETTING TAN PANTS OUTSIDE.
5. Mandy & Kim got locked out of the house. They are trying to find a way to get into the house, they have their bladders extremely full they cross their legs tight and try to hold it in. Mandy is wearing very sexy skin tight blue jeans and she loses bladder control, pissing herself and kim follows suit soon. Awesome double wetting with TIGHT JEANS & PANTIES
6. Meet the beautiful Bella, she had a few drinks, hopped in her car and was driving home a little too fast when the cops pulled her over. The policeman asks her to step outside the car, but due to her bladder being so full she can barely walk straight and he suspects she's Tipsy. WETTING HER BLUE JEANS
7. Busty MILF Arianna Labarbera is a hot MILF model who's coming in to do her first INeed2pee shoot and he already is so desperate, bouncing up and down doing the pee pee dance. The director wants her to try on several pairs of pants before he finds one that suits Arianna but by that time it's late and there is pee streaming all over the floor. WETTING IN YELLOW PANTS.
8. Kim's late for her drivers liseance exam so she decides to wait to use the toilets but the test takes minimum of 30 minutes!! Kim gets increasingly uncomfortable and tries her best to calm her aching bladder while concentrating on NOT failing. But it's too late! As soon as Kim pulls over and gets out it's a big gusher that can't be stopped. WETTING HER BLUE PANTS
9. Calliste & Trixie are both desperate to pee already and they bet eachother that the first person to wet themselves has to pay for everyones dinner. Calliste tries her best to keep it in but it starts gushing out through her panties and over her shoes. That was too much for Trixie and she completely pisses her tight jeans in public! WETTING JEANS & SKIRT PLUS PUBLIC WETTING ACCIDENT.
10. Ryan and her sexy girlfriends are coming home and Ryan is driving, when she feels an urge within her bladder. Her friends tease her and try to make drip drop water sounds but Ryan focuses all her mind on resisting the urge to pee. DRIVING DESPERATION AND WETTING PANTIES OUTSIDE.
11. Violetta and Candi are watching a movie and Violetta is holding her bladder, trying not to wet herself but Ccandi being a silly brat tickles her until her totally wets her TAN PANTS
12. Debbie and Calliste, 2 MILFS are driving and lost. They both need to use the toilets and are desperate to relieve themselves but it's too late!! Debbie starts pissin her pink pants in the backseat and calliste jumps out only to totally wet her panties! PANTY WETTING ACCIDENT AND IN PINK PANTS

As you can see I highlighted what type of clothing the ladies are going to wet in each scene. Enjoy these full bladders and real wetting scenarios!
Ineed2pee DVD #15 -
  • Ineed2pee DVD #15 - "Summer 2008"
  • Length: 146 minutes
  • Price: $38.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

Ineed2pee DVD #15 -
INEED2PEE DVD #15 - "SUMMBER 2008" WITH 12 FULL SCENES + A BEHIND THE SCENES MONTAGE = 146 MINUTES Tons of soaking pissy wet jeans with favorite girls like Candi, Janessa, Alice & Raven.

1. Southern MILF Sierra is about to reveal her secret, she loves to pee all over herself! Loves to hold it until the last minute. She was holding back and now she is ready to go show us how she enjoys peeing her white cotton panties.
2. Ivy had way too many drinks at the club and she on the couch. Her bladder is extremely full and she wets her white cotton leggings, getting pee all over the couch and carpet
3. MILF Calliste is driving in the car & lost. She really has to go and now must head home with her tan tight pants all wet!
4. Sexy Raven gets locked out on the balcony and completely wets her tightest pair of blue jeans showing her curves.
5. Yuliya and Janessa just got home early in the morning Tipsy and desperate to pee. Yuliya soaks her grey tight pants and Janessa starts laughing at her friend, pissing her tights and pink skirt outside.
6. Asian hottie Tia Ling almost makes it back to her room before completely soaking her tight blue jeans
7. Fan favorite Alice is walking down the sidewalk, having big piss spurts through her tan shorts. Huge gusher as well!
8. Busty petite girl, Megan, is so desperate for the toilet she pisses her super tight blue jeans outside!
9. Alex is having a desperate drive looking for the gas station she finally can't wait any longer and wets her burgangy courdoroy pants in public. She has to walk back to the house like that too!
10. Blonde southern belle Louise is staggering in the hot sun, trying not to piss her panties and short denim skirt but no luck!
11. Candi and Raven are hanging out and Raven is so desperate for a pee that Candi comments on it. After some discussion they BOTH realise that they enjoy playing the hold it game & love the feeling of a full bladder. But Raven has an unexpected real accident in front of Candi! Will Candi make keep her tan pants dry?
12. a purpose wetting scene with the lovely Alex wearing tight light pink pants

+++ BONUS +++ Behind The Scenes montage video!!
I NEED2PEE #9 DVD -female wetting pants video scenes
  • I NEED2PEE #9 DVD -female wetting pants video scenes
  • Length: 91 minutes
  • Price: $25.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

I NEED2PEE #9 DVD -female wetting pants video scenes

I Need2Pee Volume 3 DVD - female pants wetting
  • I Need2Pee Volume 3 DVD - female pants wetting
  • Length: 53 minutes
  • Price: $20.00 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  03/09/2018

I Need2Pee Volume 3 DVD - female pants wetting

8 great desperate-to-pee scenarios where they all end up having embaressing accidents and wet their panties, tight jeans ans tight pants.

1. Mandy is so desperate to go and we don't have a cell phone to call the front desk... white pants wetting.
2. Candi and Isabelle just got home from partying and they've had too much to drink... two girls wetting their pants & skirt
3. Taylor rushes home wearing her white tights but her boyfriend is being a prick and hogging the bathroom... white leggings soaked!
4. Alexa is waiting desperately for her lunch break at her desk. She's crossing her legs tightly... skirt/panty wetting
5. Candi is wearing a totally 80's style pink leotard and shiny tight spandex outfit... uncontrollable accident
6. She's gotta go bad, in her tight blue jeans and is struggling and wiggling around... jeans wetting
7. Mandy gets back to the hotel after a night of partying and clubbing. She's dressed nice in her tight grey dress pants, but she's very Tipsy
8. The doctor is running late so she's struggling in all positions not to wet her tight jeans... soaked wet pee jeans!

I Need2Pee Volume 4 DVD - lots of wetting her panties scenes
  • I Need2Pee Volume 4 DVD - lots of wetting her panties scenes
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Price: $20.00 USD
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Added:  03/09/2018

I Need2Pee Volume 4 DVD - lots of wetting her panties scenes

8 full scenes of pee desperation, holding it, bursting bladders and full on pants wetting accidents at the end! 1. Alexa has car trouble and is forced to walk. Needing to pee, she stops by some restrooms to relieve herself... but finds them locked for the season.. wetting green tights in public. 2. Alexa and Ariel are driving to a friend's house which is difficult to find. They both drank a lot of water earlier and Alexa has to pee desperately as she sits in the back seat and moans with every speed bump 3. Adana is a new pretty face in video 4 and in this scene, she has come to visit a friend but her friend is not home. 4. Janessa and Adana have been out drinking and they return home with very full bladders. They are both a little Tipsy and acting completely silly, both pissing their skintight blue jeans 5. Soon the moment Mandy has been waiting for happens and her pee starts running through her panties and jeans and down her legs! Very public wetting! 6. Alexa has an accident in her shorts after running into a restroom and finding that the only stall with a toilet is locked on the inside. 7. Janessa is wearing white spandex pants and a black top. When she goes to leave, she discovers that the door is locked, hot white spandex pee accident! 8. Mandy is doing secretarial duties and is desperately trying to finish up a job that her boss wants right away. Mandy soon discovres that this isn't the only thing that desperately needs to be done! Skirt & nylons wetting.

I Need a Mommy 11 - 9 new ABDL Mommies to Diaper you
  • I Need a Mommy 11 - 9 new ABDL Mommies to Diaper you
  • Length: 132 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  05/05/2015

I Need a Mommy 11 - 9 new ABDL Mommies to Diaper you

9 scenes for all your adultbabies & ageplay littles that need a mommy to change your didi.
1. Katie Morgan invites a couple friends home from a BBQ you two were just at, and you've had quite a bit to drink already. Lucky gives you another glass of wine laced with diuretics, and you're so wasted that you pass out! When you come to... Cheyenne Jewel is pointing at you going "holy , he just pissed his pants!" They all are in shock & laugh at the fact that a grown man just peed himself. The girls may have been planning this since they have the adult baby clothes & diapers ready & nearby! They whip it all out and are so excited to humiliate you even further and laugh at you as Lucky puts a big kushy diaper on your tushy while the other girls are highly amused. They start diapering you & she finds a thermometer in there so they decide to take your temperature in your BUTT! No fever is detected so they diaper you, put you in cute frilly ABY clothing cuz you're gonna be their ADULT BABY SISSY GIRL!
2. It's Katie & she's all diapered and today she's your super bratty ABDL playmate!! SHe's about time you got a nice ABgirl playmate who also loves wearing diapers. She interacts with you, plays with toys, tug o war, shares a bottle with u and she is a very HYPER ABY! She even starts crying when you take her toy! She finds some magazines & starts ripping them up, making a mess everywhere!!! Mom comes home from work and sees the big mess & baby Katie tries to blame you! But mom knows better & grabs Katie to spank her hard on her bum bum! You're not off the hook & she comes over & spanks you too.
3. ou wake up from your nap in your diapers but you can't find your mommie! You see her in the living room & she's doing something with a bucket, you spy on her behind the bannister. She sees you standing there looking silly so she gets you on the blankie, checks your diaper & you did pee in it so she's gotta change your diaper! Then she pulls out cute BUNNY EARS cuz it's EASTER! She tells you what easter is about & makes you hop like a bunny rabbit. She gives you a purple bucket so you can SEARCH FOR EASTER EGGS around the room
4.She pours a TON of PINK BUBBLE BATH on you but little do you know... it's a MAGIC BUBBLE BATH that she secretly ordered and you start feeling tingly all over. Katie splashes the bubbles all over you and Katie starts getting bigger & bigger!!! Wait, Katies not getting any bigger, you're getting smaller & smaller! You're shrinking into the size of a real baby! Katie is so amazed it worked & then your other roomate comes in & is confused at where Katie got a baby boy!? Katie explains the situation & they're both very excited to have a little baby boy to dress up and play with!! They also MAKE FUN OF YOUR LITTLE PEE-PEE WEINER TOO! They dry you off & have your area set up! They put on a real baby diaper on you now & some baby clothing too
5. Livvy Rose checks & changes your big diaper before bedtime while telling you that tomorrow is your birthday & to make a wish before bedtime. She puts you in a big white onesie & reads you a bedtime book before kissing you nite nite! Well guess what you wished for?? When she comes to wake you she's confused at first... where is her hubby? Why is there a baby in place? She lifts you out of the now HUGE diaper & plastic pants to see her new baby! But your'e not just a baby boy... your OTHER wishes came true too... you're a baby GIRL!!! Mommy Livvy Rose is over the top DELIGHTED to see that she has a baby girl now, one that she can dress up in cute matching outfits & pink girly things & ribbons in your hair... She puts a real small baby diaper on you now & a pink girly frock over your diaper.... but something weird is happening.... & her boobs filled up with yummy mommy milk magically!
6.Natalie Storm answers the door as you're going door to door with religious pamphlets. She is in her early 20's cute & bubbly, very friendly (and slightly crazy) inviting you in & giving you something to drink. You start getting dizzy and black out. You wake up in a bedroom with baby toys all around you & Natalie tells you she's ALWAYS wanted a baby girl of her own but couldn't have so she tranced you with a magical crystal so you'd go under her spell & believe that you're really a big baby girl when you wake up!! She puts you in Attends disposable diapers & just SHOWERS you with crazy mommie lady love for her new AB girl!
7. Kyra Michelle has an easy way of talking to her big ABY, she keeps it loving & fun & talkative, a very natural adult baby mom. First it looks like you're WARM so she pulls out a thermometer and puts it in your BUM to take your temp. She even uses a spot of oil to lube it up first. She explains everything in detail & is very thorough & fun! She's got a nice NEW thick CLOTH DIAPERS with nice big purple pins to secure it on you.. Then it's plastic pants time & bottle feeding but you don't want the stupid bottle!!! You are staring at mommy's big juicy booby milk instead so she gets the idea & breastfeeds you for a nice long while
8. MORE REAL LACTATION in this DIAPER PUNISHMENT AB Mommie video clip. Miss Livvy Rose is furious with her husband (you) today since you peed your pants in public AGAIN! IT's the 4th time this month so Livvy has a surprise in store for you when you get home. She thinks you're jealous of the new born baby & is vying for attention, acting out just so you can get more attention... well it worked, and she is mad! She is gonna put you back in big adult Attends diapers for the entire weekend. But it's not just diapers.... no no... it's the whole shebang! You're getting the full baby treatment... When she takes off your clothes to clean you she makes HARDCORE FUN OF YOUR SMALL PENIS!
9. Lauren Kiley from nice wife to sweet loving AB Mommy who will diaper you with care & sweet kisses.

INEED2PEE  DVD 32 - 16 new wetting pants scenes, 136 minutes!
  • INEED2PEE DVD 32 - 16 new wetting pants scenes, 136 minutes!
  • Length: 136 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  04/03/2015

INEED2PEE  DVD 32 - 16 new wetting pants scenes, 136 minutes!
1.Sinn Sage is super desperate on the brink of explosion! She couldn’t wait and rushed to the bathroom but the zipper of her high rise tight jeans are stuck. You can hear it hissing out loudly as she pisses her jeans
2. Star Nine is driving with a bursting bladder (you can tell in the videos) in a skin tight denim dress, cowboy hat and cotton panties underneath. She starts leaking so she pulls over in the desert and sighs in relief as she takes the longest piss
Addie Juniper offers you a real female desperation scene. She’s your girlfriend and gets home super desperate to pee but she knows how you LOVE seeing her with a full bladder doing the pee pee dance until she can’t hold it anymore
3. Very realistic scene where Brookelynne Briar is super desperate to pee and starts leaking piss gradually down a hotel hallway until her pants are SOAKED
4. Kadie is stuck in a tree since she’'s terrified of heights! She’s wearing tight pink yoga pants and really should’ve peed before she went up to save the family cat! She tries her best to hold in her piss
5. KATIE MORGAN She’s wearing tight business slacks and heels. Her poor bladder is bursting so she can’t even stand straight! She’s cold and desperate as she starts pissing herself uncontrollably.
6. Special guest star Georgia from Patches’ Place is stuck on the BBQ while everyone runs to the store! She doesn’t want the food to burn but her bladder is about to burst. She does the desperate pee pee dance in public while there’s people
7. Katie Morgan needs to stop jogging as her bladder is way too full and the bouncing isn’t helping either. She tries to hobble home but stops in her tracks as she starts uncontrollably pissing her tight grey yoga pants
8. Almost a TRUE event while SINN SAGE was signing autographs at the AVN awards and there was a big line of fans and photographers. She was super desperate to pee!
9. Blond cheerleader Star is desperately holding her full bladder as her favorite TV show finishes. Looking cute double crossing her legs in a full cheerleader uniform and white socks.
10. KATIE MORGAN locked out and super desperate as she calls her mom but she can’t hold on much longer. Peeing her denim cutoff shorts!
11. SINN SAGE - You’re the plumber fixing the toilet and your client’s daughter comes home to find the bathroom un-operatable! Well, you’re actually almost done but you lie and tell her you’re still working on it just to see her super hoppy pee pee dance!
12. Tori Bell is about to piss her tight panties while lost on the road and she does not think it’s funny because she needs to too! She can barely drive and she pulls over in desperation
13. Amo Morbia hobbles into your apartment because she’s bursting into her skin tight jean overalls but the bathroom is occupied. She’s practically begging for relief doing the sexy pee pee dance!
14. Bella JUST MADE IT! She’s at an actor casting call waiting for her turn. She is practicing her script but she can barely concentrate from her overfull bladder! She’s crossing her legs and squirming for relief.
15. Kimberly Marvel woke up with a bursting bladder and rushes to the toilet only to see it occupied by her roomate! She grabs her crotch in desperation as she tries to figure out what she can do!
INEED2PEE DVD 31 - 15 female pee desperation & pants wetting scenes
  • INEED2PEE DVD 31 - 15 female pee desperation & pants wetting scenes
  • Length: 130 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
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Added:  03/01/2014

INEED2PEE DVD 31 - 15 female pee desperation & pants wetting scenes
I NEED 2 PEE 31 15 OMORASHI scenes - 2 hours 10mins + Behind the Scenes (LONG)

1. Brookelynne Briar-Sexy Canadian Brookelynne Briar is locked out of her car & work since she set the alarm. The CAA won't be there for awhile & a nosy security guard is in the way of her peeing outside. Her skintight pants give her a cameltoe & she does a mega desperation dance before pissing a huge gusher through her tight pants & suede shoes
2. Amo Morbia @ Busstop - Amo is waiting for her friend's ride to arrive but she's super desperate to pee, wearing tan capri pants. She's struggling to keep it all in & dry but she starts spurting & before long she's pissing herself on the bench outside while a trolley is rolling by! Great behind the scenes walking back & showing pissed in panties & pants
3. Candi Apple DUI - Kadie's been recklessly driving, probably because she needs to pee so badly, but the cop isn't believing her & accuses her of smelling like booze. She makes her do balance exercises & walk the line while they wait for the breathalizer. She tries her best to hide her desperation but the wet spot on her crotch is growing very fast!!
4. Cheyenne Jewel & Jassie bathroom lineup - Cheyenne meets Jassie outside the building bathrooms where they both need to desperately wait for it to be unoccupied! They're talking about how bad they need to piss & Cheyenne even leaks a bit into her skintight white jeans! Jassie can't hold it & pisses her tan shorts which prompt Cheyenne to pee herself TWICE!
5. Sleeping Kimberly Marvel - Kim stumbles home very tired & with a full bladder that keeps filling as she sleeps on the couch! All of a sudden her panties get wet & she's streaming hot pee all over the couch & onto the floor, making loud splashing noises. She wakes up groggily to soaking pissy wet panties & pee all over, how embaressing!
6. Sinn Sage yoga pants - You're a plumber fixing a toilet & the owners college age daughter Sinn comes home, stumbling with legs together on verge of pissing her pants. She's horrified to see the toilet out of order & begs you to hurry up so she can relieve herself. You work even slower to watch her desperation & she eventually soaks her pants!
7. Kenna valentina - PANTIES - Imagine stuck in the parking elevator with a lovely sexy lady, Kenna & it's apparent she's desperate to use the bathrooms. To your luck, the elevator's stuck & she's stuck holding her crotch & doing the pee pee dance! Oh you wish so bad she'll lose bladder control & it comes true when a gallon of pee is splashing down her legs!
8. Cheyenne Jewel - Jeans -Cheyenne works at the dentist office & they're short staffed the day before Christmas. She's bombarded with clients so she tries her best to hide her bursting full bladder & real desperation, but little do customers know, she's leaking pee into her skintight jeans until she turns around & you see the wet spot! HUGE PISS gusher!
9. Tori Bell - Panties & Hose - Tori Bell is going goth for her interview at your local Hot Topic, not knowing that goth is totally out for the last 8 yrs. She's in blk lipstick, a very unprofessional boob baring top & short skirt with panties & pantyhose underneath. She's doing the pee pee dance in her seat & she loses bladder control but her urine's splashing loudly underneath her!
10. Kenna Valentina - Leggings -Kenna knows you love seeing girls w/ full bladders & tight pants so she's got on fullback panties & tight cotton leggings crossing her legs, grabbing her crotch, telling you how her predicament feels. Lots of pee pee dancing & gasping until she starts wetting herself & it's splashing down her legs & into the trashcan underneath.
11. Chloe Skyy - leotards - Chloe is stumbling up the stairwell trying to keep her Hooters outfit dry from pee! What a day for the elevator to breakdown! She grabs her crotch tightly & crosses her legs to hold on but the pressure is building so fast. She gasps & pee is trickling through her shorts & onto her light pantyhose & shoes!
12. Kenna Valentina - white Leggings -Beautiful curvy Kenna wakes up from being & tied up. She struggles to escape her bonds while doing the pee pee dance & trying to keep those cotton leggings & panties dry. With much anticipation, piss is pouring through her thin panties & pants & splashing her feet. It's a LOT of pee cascading out & nice BTS too.
13. Tori Bell - white leggings -Redhead Tori Bell is so desperate to use the toilets as she gets into the elevator. All of a sudden the elevator is stuck & she's trying to remain calm & hold her bladder. After some squirming you can hear the PEE splashing onto the floor & her pants are soaking pissy wet. She's so embaressed to have wet herself & changes.
14. Kimberly Marvel - Curvy Kimberly Marvel is trying to get to the convention center from hotel & she didn't have time to use the bathroom since she's late, but she didn't anticipate getting lost either! She's grabbing her crotch in public but she's really gotta go & it's leaking into her dark grey leggings already! What a relief as she wets herself loudly!
15. Georgia from Patches Place - Jeans - Patches Place Georgia is TOO desperate to even wait for the cue in this very realistic public jeans wetting scene. She's walking through a park in skintight grey jeans and as soon as she sits on a rock, her waistband pushes into her bladder & she totally soaks her jeans out in full view & has to walk back to the car all wet!
16. Very long behind the scenes!
INEED2PEE DVD 30 -16 pants, panty & jeans wetting scenes- 2 hours
  • INEED2PEE DVD 30 -16 pants, panty & jeans wetting scenes- 2 hours
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  08/01/2013

INEED2PEE DVD 30 -16 pants, panty & jeans wetting scenes- 2 hours

1. Candle Boxx LEGGINGS - Candle almost pissed her leggings in the car coming home & she recalls time when she almost peed herself & it got you so turned on! She is holding it for as long as she possibly can, tons of crotch grabs & bouncing around. All of a sudden she loses control & pees a GUSHER through her leggings & is a sopping wet mess! Sexy
2. Caroline awakes to find she's all tied up & her bladder is about to spill all into her tight blue jeans! She tries to escape & call for help but @ the end she hops up the stairs in agony, almost wetting herself. She gets to the toilet but starts spurting uncontrollably & pisses her jeans fully before sitting down in her hot yellow pee puddle
4. TORI BELL - PANTIES -Tori is stuck on some stupid work video conference meeting & she really should've peed first! She's just wearing thin panties since her boss can't see her bottoms on webcam; and he also can't see her pressing her crotch or holding her bladder either. It finishes & she gets up but can't hold it any longer & wets herself!
5. CAROLINE PIERCE & KIMBERLY MARVEL -Caroline & Kimberly are driving desperately back home, regretting not using the toilets at the bar. Kimberly is begging to stop but Caroline drives on... as soon as they get out, Caroline doubles over & starts pissing her white panties while Kim makes it into the house before losing all bladder control & wetting pantyhose!
6. CHEYENNE JEWEL - Spandex shorts-Personal trainer Cheyenne is super desperate to pee but she's got to show you how to use the machines in the gyn via demonstration. It's a struggle to keep her spandex shorts dry & she's grabbing her crotch big time! She gasps as she loses bladder control & pee is splashing through her shorts & into her white sneakers
7. ANGIE NOIR -MILF IN JEANS - Meet hot wife Angie, a sexy older Euro MILF who's doing the pee pee dance in the elevator, down the hallway & into your room where she can't get her tight jeans off in time before she loses bladder control & pisses herself completely. She sees how turned on you are & encourages you to enjoy her soaked jeans & panties!
8. ASIAN PORNSTAR JASSIE -PANTIES- Jassie is super desperate for the toilets as she's driving & she's trying to find a place to pull over. Her bladder is just too full so she frantically pulls over & then squats right there to pee through her cotton panties and skirt. She can't risk an indecent exposure charge but she really can't hold it all in any longer, embaressing!
9. PORNSTAR JASSIE -JEANS-Jassie made the mistake of trying on pants to buy while having a bursting bladder! She thought she couldn't wait but she didn't anticipate the zipper getting stuck on one of the pants! She struggles to get the tan slacks off but she's spurting piss in them & can't stop, wetting herself completely! She's so embarressed & soaked
10.CAROLINE PIERCE - PANTIES-Caroline stumbles into the nightclub restroom already super desperate from holding it all night just to find the stall occupied. To make it worse the person inside stall & Caroline just can't hold her bursting bladder anymore! Pee is streaming out over the floor & she's trying to stop but it's just getting her skirt soaked!
11. DULCE CHERRY - JEANS - Dulce is a hot brunette in tight jeans & bursting to go while struggling up the stairs! She hobbles down the hallway to her room & as soon as she steps inside, she's already pissing her skintight jeans uncontrollably! She really couldn't wait & then sexily peels off the pissy soaked denim & show you. Quite a wet soaker she is!
12. KIMBERLY MARVEL -JEANS-Kimberly broke into her ex's place to investigate wrongdoings but while she's there, he comes home! She hides in the tub, but she's already super desperate to pee! She tries so hard to keep her blue jeans dry but by the look on her face, she's gonna lose bladder control! She's got great bladder capacity as she wets herself!
13. kenna valentina - skirt-Imagine stuck in the parking elevator with a lovely sexy lady, Kenna & it's apparent she's desperate to use the bathrooms. To your luck, the elevator's stuck & she's stuck holding her crotch & doing the pee pee dance! Oh you wish so bad she'll lose bladder control & it comes true when a gallon of pee is splashing down her legs!
14. Candi Apple -yoga pants- Candi is struggling to get inside, with a bursting bladder & no way to the toilets, her pee pee dancing is getting more frantic. Heavy breathing & crossed legs. She gasps & you can see her yoga pants turning dark from pee gushing out cuz she can't control her bladder anymore! She totally pisses her grey stretch pants in shame
15. AMO MORBIA -sleeping bedwetting -Amo is but you can tell she's got a full bladder since she's touching her crotch while sleeping. All of a sudden her crotch is soaking wet & you can see the yellow pee pooling on the bed between her legs in a huge puddle. She wakes up slowly & shocked her entire butt is pissy wet & so is her sheets & panties!
16. BONUS SCENE: Sybil Hawthorne -pants-Sybil is super desperate to use the toilets, gasping & grabbing the crotch of her skintight pants in agony. Her friend's not home yet & she's about to spurt hot pee into her panties & pants. Finally she's let into the house but pisses herself first before she can get onto the toilet due to stuck zipper. Nice pissy panty shots at end
17. BEHIND THE SCENES- after the girls wet themselves they peel off their pissed soaked pants & skintight jeans & talk to you!

Adult Baby Girl DVD #3 - infantilism, AB/DL roleplay adult diapers
  • Adult Baby Girl DVD #3 - infantilism, AB/DL roleplay adult diapers
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Price: $32.00 USD
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Added:  08/01/2013

Adult Baby Girl DVD #3 - infantilism, AB/DL roleplay adult diapers

see over 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of rare exclusive adult baby girls roleplaying AB/DL adult diaper fetish video scenarios. 10 FULL SCENES! These are real Canadian girls next door amateurs who love wearing attends diapers. Many scenes include diaper changing, messy feeding and two adult babies playtime sessions.
1. Baby Michelle gets a diaper change and then changing for bedtime
2. Marla comes over to have play session with baby Jan. Baby Jan helps her get into diapers and changes her into adult baby clothing
3. Feeding time for big baby ALice!
4. Jan comes home with wet panties so her boyfriend must put her into diapers and regress her
5. Two adult baby girls SHeila & Manda play session fun
6. Bratty AB Michelle is hungry so she gets fed but ends up spitting the mushy food everywhere, what a BRAT!
7. BIg babies Alex & Manda are playing & gets both their diaper changed. Very bratty AB girls.
8. Baby Manda is playing solo and starts rubbing herself over her thick double attends
9. Sheila is playing solo and gets diaper changed while being a good girl
10. Cute & pretty AB's Candi & Marla playtime fun & double diaper changing eachother.

Most scenes can be seen on the official site: http://www.adultbabygirl.com
Please see the video page on there for more details if you need! Please ask all questions before buying. LIMITED TIME ONLY, but any one DVD & you can get a second one of your choice for only $12 more, shipping included!
  • Length: 146 minutes
  • Price: $40.00 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  08/01/2013


1. LOVING AB MOM BROOKELYNNE - Well you've seen Brookelynne Briar force you into adult diapers but here is a great AB/DL Mommie clip with Brookelynne waking you up & giving her sweet AB kisses all over! Since you just awoke she's gotta change your diapers & powder you again! You made a peepee but no ! She plays with your toys with you and then gives you a bottle. She's happy & bubbly the whole time & it's so apparent she luvs her big adultbaby a ton! She reads you a nice book about trains & then it's time to pack for the park where everyone will see you in your diapers & binky
2. DIAPER PUNISHED BY BROOKELYNNE BRIAR -You've pissed yourself in public in your grown up pants for the last time & your wifey the sexy Brookelynne Briar is super dissapointed in you. SHe marches you upstairs, taking off your pissed in pants... and you know the drill. Lie down while she puts a big Attends adult diaper on you while she admonishes you & she pulls out the real SURPRISE!! IT's shrinking powder and as punishment she's going to make you small like a real baby again... well she sprinkles it on you & you feel all fuzzy as you start getting smaller! Her eyes light up as you shrink & you stop at real baby size!! Brookelynne is VERY HAPPY, overjoyed & elated that she now gets you in baby size & she can't stop thinking of how cute you are!! She picks you up in joy & thinks of how easy it is to take care of her lil man now!! No more big boy pee accidents in public since you'll always be in cute lil diapers always. Now she can dress you in a real baby onsie and feed you baby food... all the great things she can do with her sweetie poopsicle AB boy & all the things you want AB mommy to do. Playtime, feeding, bottle time & then later she's gonna take you to the park to play. Brookelynne is the nicest loving mommy after she shrinks you.
3. MEAN MOMMY CAROLINE PIERCE -You're Caroline's husband but you've repeatedly soiled yourself while you're out. She is so furious and dissapointed, admonishing you all the way & being very mean. She talks down to you, pulling out the adult baby bag & stroller so you know what that means! She's making you wear thick disposable adult diapers again... and this time she's turning you into an ABY GIRL!! It's pink frilly clothes time with a shiny crown to crown into a cute baby girl! Momma is gonna treat you just like a bad bratty baby girl and you play that role quite well don't you? She reads you a baby book story and then it's messy feeding time. She gives you bottle of milk as well and she definately thinks you're a better baby girl than a grown husband! So much easier to manage after making you be an ABDL again. So she's gonna get you all ready to go to the park in your diapers so everyone in the neighborhood can see that you're fully AB/DL now!
4. SHRINK TO BABY SIZE FANTASY - You're an ABDL coming home & your lovely young wife has some great news!! She's so excited to tell you that she's won the lottery, which means that you both don't need to go to your dayjobs anymore... but that's not all... she ordered a hard to find MAGIC SHRINKING POWDER and it finally came! She wanted to wait til she got it to tell you all the news! So first, it's the usual routine after work, she gets you out of your work clothes & into a thick Attends disposable diaper! Now, she showers you with the SHRINKING POWDER and BAM!! You're that of a REAL baby size!! She's ELATED that it worked & can't believe just how adorably cute & tiny you are!! She's going to pinch those cheeks, tickle you and SHOWER you with more love & attention that you've ever gotten in your life! Maybe she likes having you this size since it's so much cuter and easier to clean & take care of you. She plays toys with you, gives you juice & a bottle of milk. Plays patty-cake & then gets ready to take you to the park & playground. Cathy is SUPER BUBBLY, happy & interactive with her sweet AdultBaby
5. FORCED INTO DIAPERS WITH LUCKY O'SHEA - You fall asleep on the couch but you have a pee accident & you awake with your sexy wife Lucky looking very disspointed in you for pissing yourself again!! She is SUPER MAD & marches you upstairs into the "Baby" room! She strips you of your pissed in pants & makes you lie down because she's not giving you a choice of where you can or cannot pee/ anymore!! You're going back in diapers!! Yup, she's gonna wipe down your pissy penis & she also MAKES FUN of your SMALL TinY WEENY!!! HAHA, just like a lil baby, she's gonna throw in some SPH (small penis humiliation) for good measure to emasculate you! Then She puts the Attends adult diapers on you, as well as a pink shirt & plastic pants and treats you just like the big ABDL you really are! She's super sarcastic & mean but in a matter of fact way, not in a kick your ass kinda way. She marches you downstairs and is going to put you in a stroller & we're going to go outside to the park. At the park, she reads a baby book to you & one of the neighbhor ladies walks by & asks why you, her husband, is in a diaper!! She thinks it's weird & hilarious as Lucky explains the situation of how you wet your pants
6. LOVING AB MOMMY LUCKY -Another LOVING SWEET AB/DL Mommie Lucky O'Shea w/ a BIRTHDAY MIRACLE... Lucky O'Shea is a loving sweet AB mom ever & as she tucks you into bed, she reminds you that tomorrow is your birthday & to think about what you want to wish for!! She kisses you night but when she comes to wake you the next day... she sees you've SHRUNK to that of a real baby size!!! How is this possible!? She lifts you out of your now HUGE diaper & she's SO HAPPY that she gets to have a REAL baby to take care of now, plus you get your wish to be a real baby! That's right, no more work, responsibilities, just playtime all over... peeing & in your real baby sized diapers. Mommie pulls out the big bird diapers she's been saving, & she gets to put it on her new baby now!!! She powders & diapers you, gets you dressed in a real baby onsie & is just over the top excited!!! Well baby is hungry so of course she needs to give you some yummy mushy baby food first! She just can't stop giving her lil sweetie pops love & kisses!! Well you know it's still your birthday & it's your new official FIRST birthday all over again so she gets you packed up to go to the park & this time she can just lift you up and carry you in her bosoms
7. MEAN College BABYSITTER - Your sweet mom has to leave for an emergancy & the regular nice babysitter isn't available on short call so ORIAS BESTAT is the only sitter she can get to come down. didn't tell her that she'd be taking care of an ABDL ADULTBABY though!! Orias bursts out laughing when she sees you & can't believe there's a grown man in diapers & booties & AB clothing! She belittles & makes fun of you like only bratty college girls can do, which makes you nervous & you make a big pee-pee in your Attends diapers! Orias is horrified & has to change you, being grossed out & annoyed while doing so, all while being very mean & condecending. You throw toys at her in the beginning & she SPANKS YOU GOOD & hard! Then she's got to feed you your mushy baby food & you're being a brat so she will be just as bratty too! Orias is weirded out and creeped out by having to deal with a big baby & it makes you want to annoy her even more since she's stuck babysitting your ass til Mommy comes home
8. MEAN GIRLS CANDI & ORIAS -ou've peed your pants in front of your friends, Candi & Orias & they're going to totally make fun of you & laugh in this forced back into adult diapers video. First they bathe you in the tub, dry you, powder your tushy & put a nice thick disposable diaper on you! Out come & plastic pants & pink frilly top since you're nothing but a sissy pissy baby anyways! The girls are giggling, laughing & having a grand ole time as they treat you like the drooly pissy baby you are. They feed you baby food & give you toys before they strap you in the stroller for a humiliating walk around the aprtment complex to see your neighbors.
9. NICE AB MOM AMO - long non-rushed clip that's very calming and takes it's time. Amo Morbia takes care of you when you get hom, getting you out of your sucky business attire first, then she wraps up your bumbum in a nice thick adult disposable diaper! Amo is a nice college age girl in the early 20's with a low voice & she speaks matter of factly while your regress & turn back into an adult baby, at least mentally! She gets you all diapered up & then it's feeding time... yummy baby food! Then it's story time & play time with ALL your toys, including doing puzzles, learning to spell & more. Pace is nice & relaxed so it's just like having an ABDL Mom & playmate all at once. She's got a special surprise for you... she's gonna take her big baby boy out to see the animals! So she gets you all packed up & strapped into your stroller!

  • Length: 147 minutes
  • Price: $42.00 USD
  • Add To Cart $ Buy Now


Added:  05/21/2013


1. AB Mommy Tori is a gorgeous redhead with bouncy curls and big lush boobies! She wakes you up from nappy time, checks your diaper & changes you into fresh Attends adult diapers! Then since you just woke up, it's feeding time and you get to suckle on her boobs for some mommie milk!! Great breastfeeding segment where AB mommy talks soothingly to you while you suckle her pink nipples. Then it's baby playtime with all your toys. Your lovely Mommy Tori BELL is also going to get you all dressed in cute frilly Adult Baby clothes to take you to the park, but first she's gotta pack some toys and your favorite soother too!
2. CAROLINE PIERCE - Another very long scenario, 20 minutes of Mommy Caroline loving you, changing your diaper with care, and then making sure your baby belly is nice & full. Her voice is happy & soft & she has a very caring way about her, touching & talking to you lovingly & then playing with your toys with you. She make sure it's interactive & fun throughout without making each activity too short. Then she tucks you into bed for a nice nap in your clean diapers (not for long!)
3. KENNA VALENTINA - It's been a long day at work but it's all worth it when you come home to your beautiful lady Kenna & she knows you need to just regress & play for the rest of the day! She gets you out of your grown up clothes & lays you down so she can put a nice thick Attends disposable diaper on you, powder you tushy & put on a cute frilly skirt to top it all off! Then it's play time with lots of loving sweet baby talk, tickles and laughs and feeding you a nice bottle of milk to suckle on. You're so lucky to have a sweet lady at home who can indulge in all your infantlism & regression adult baby fantasies!
4. AMO MORBIA - An ABDL regression scene with a twist! Amo is an ABDL herself & helps you out of your clothes & into diapers. Then she self diapers herself too, regressing herself & wearing AB clothing. She is your new big baby playmate in plastic pants! She plays with the toys with you & interacts with you, keeping it fun & lively! She also helps you with a puzzle, and eevn manages to feed you baby food when you get hungry. But she gets tired from playing & wants you to lie down & get all cozy for a nappy nap with her... it's a different concept, the ABDL playmate & hopefully one you'll enjoy & I'll' bring back!
5. RYAN RYDER - Your wife is so disapointed that you had an accident in your pants & it's a big mess to clean up! She bought a magic shrinking powder from the magic store which will temporarily shrink you to baby size; she thinks it'd be easier to manage you that way... once she puts you in diapers & AB clothing that is! She goes from very stern mommy to sweet locing mommy once you're a cute baby size again! She helps you with coloring book, reads an underwater story to you, feeds you and then gets you all dressed & ready for a jaunt to the park so that you can play with other babies this afternoon!
6. ORIAS BESTAT - You come home & your sweet wife had cleaned out your office closet & found all your hidden AB gear! She has it sitting there in plain sight & you're so embaressed & scared at how she'll react. She is super understanding of your secret needs & as any loving wife should do, she decides to be your AB Mommy! First, she sees you've wet your pants coming home from work so she puts you in thick Attends diapers, powders you & puts on your plastic pants. She turns out to be an EXCELLENT loving sweet mom, who showers you with positive attention, kisses & love... just what a big baby would love... then it's naptime...
7. TIA LING - Your wife Tia Ling is apalled that you've wet the bed again & she marches you to the playroom for your just punishment! She said the next time you did that again you're gonna have to only wear diapers. She gets you wiped up & puts on thick adult disposable diapers on your tushy, complete with plastic pants so you don't leak! Now that she's got you back in diapers she treats you nicer, like a mom should treat her baby, with tough & firm love! She softens up as she sees you as a helpless drooly baby again, reading to you, feeding and treating you like a firm asian mom should be! You feel all cozy in your AB role now
8. ASIANS Dragonlily & Tia Ling - Your AB Mom Dragonlily has brought her friend Tia Ling over today to spend the day with you. They wake you & get your clothes off for a fun bubblebath before diapering you & revealing the BIG surprise. They've got some magic shrinking powder which will shrink you all the way down to a real baby size. It won't last forever but it will last today so you make the most of it. They dress U in a REAL onsie & you get to play with toys, coloring books, etc until it's lunch time. Then they get you all ready for a stoll around neighbhorhood & then later on, to the park!
9. SYBIL HAWTHORNE - Sybil accidentally shrinks you to real baby size but she loves you so much more now!!!

INEEDAMOMMY DVD 3 - ABDL Need a mom or sitter? infantlism & regression diaper punishment
  • INEEDAMOMMY DVD 3 - ABDL Need a mom or sitter? infantlism & regression diaper punishment
  • Length: 97 minutes
  • Price: $24.00 USD
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Added:  10/22/2012

INEEDAMOMMY DVD 3 - ABDL Need a mom or sitter? infantlism & regression diaper punishment

Scene 1 - Mommy Calliste & friend - Diaper Punishment
You come home in soaking wet pants again and you are shamed when you see Mommy Calliste has a lady friend over! They both notice your accident and laugh at what an incontinent little pissy boy you are. Well, it's diapering time and they both talk with eachother about how you can't control yourself. But they like you as a big baby and think that perhaps you should wear a diaper all the time so you don't embaress them when you all go out! What a great idea. You like it even though you are embaressed.

Scene 2 - Mommy B - Mad Humiliating Mommy
Mommy B is driving you back from shopping, where you yourself at the checkout counter. She is so furious with you and repeatedly admonishes you. She makes you wear a thick CLOTH DIAPER and dresses you up as the cute baby you are. Once you are back to being a baby, Mommy B is much nicer, since it's obvious you belong in a diaper anyways. You and mommy have fun playing now!

Scene 3 - Mommy Jan - Regression Session - Nice Mommy
Mommy Jan is probably one of the sweetest mommies you'll ever meet. She lovingly greets you from work and gets you out of your sucky work clothes. You can wait until she puts you in a diaper and full AB clothing. She showers you with love as she regresses you, and you love every minute of being babied and pampered. After changing, it's fun playtime!!! She loves playing with you and your toys together.

Scene 4 - Mommy Angela - Very Mean & Mad
Mommy Angela is FURIOUS when you arrive home wet pants. She is a very mean and condecending mommy, calling you names and putting you down for what a sissy pissy pants boy that you really are at home. Putting on plastic pants and frilly pink & purple baby girl clothing on you, like what big baby girls should be wearing. The whole time, even while playing, she puts you down at what a bad boy you are! At the end she puts you in bed for a nappy nap.

Scene 5 - Asian Mommy - Pissy Pants - Stern Mommy
Your asian girlfriend Tia Ling is mad that you had an accident down at the casino! You're supposed to be having a fun Vegas vacation & now she had to leave the slot machines to come up and clean up your smelly bum bum. She is a stern mommy but not mean or admonishing. It's very apparent that she cares about you very much & perhaps even prefers you as a baby! She is great at playing with you and making baby talk.

Scene 6 -Mommy Sierra - Regression - Nice Mommy
Mommy Sierra is a sweet southern MILF who loves her sweetie very much. She's prepared your favorite thing, to regress to be a baby. She lovingly puts you in diapers and feeds you nummy mushy food. She plays peek a boo and even sings to you like good mommies should. Then she cuddles you and rocks you until you go sleepy bye!

Scene 7 - Mommy Candi - the sweetest mommy ever!
Candi is definately the nicest most loving mommy ever. She puts on a nice soft cloth diaper on your bum bum and it feels so kushy! She always praises you at what a good boy you are and tells you she loves you. She enjoys playing with your toys with you and feeds you a warm bottle of milk. But then you get tired from a fun day & she tucks you into the crib and tells you Mommy loves you!

INEEDAMOMMY DVD 2 - ABDL Moms regresstion & infantilism vids
  • INEEDAMOMMY DVD 2 - ABDL Moms regresstion & infantilism vids
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Price: $24.00 USD
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Added:  10/22/2012

INEEDAMOMMY DVD 2 - ABDL Moms regresstion & infantilism vids

Scene 1 - Mommy Janessa Punishment - Stern Mommy
Your wife wakes up and sees that you've wet the bed! She is furious and as a punishment she puts you in diapers & plastic pants and treats you like a baby since you can't control your bladder, even feeding you baby food for breakfast. The real kicker is she puts your work clothing over your diaper and pushes you out the door; your co-workers might find out you're wearing a diaper under your pants!
Scene 2 - Mommy Louise Regression - Nice Mommy
You're back from work and Southern blonde mommy Louise takes you into the playroom with all your favorite toys and bed. She takes off your clothes and powders you before putting on your diapers. Now it's fun regression time where mommy plays with you and brings out your toys to play. But you get tired & she tucks you into bed with your bottle.
Scene 3 - Mommy Louise- Wet The Bed - Mean Mommy
You wake up next to Mommy & you've peed in bed!! She is VERY MAD and washes you in the bathtub before putting you in a disposable diaper. You clean up the bed but you also have a messy in your didi. Mommy is doublely MAD as she has to clean you up again and wipe all the off your bum bum.
Scene 4 - Tia Ling Nice Regression - Sweet Mommy
You're back from your meeting to your hotel room where asian Mommy Tia is waiting to get you out of your stuffy clothes and into disposable diapers so you can regress from a hard day. She plays patty cake with you and sings while playing with your toys but soon you are tired and she tucks you in with a bottle and kisses you night night!
Scene 5 - MILF Mommy - Pissy Pants - Stern Mommy
Calliste is in her early 40's and a stern mommy. You come home with pissy wet pants and she is NOT HAPPY. She scolds you and makes you wear diapers, berating you for not being able to hold your pee like a grown up. She is firm yet kind and attends to your needs to be babied and cuddled as you drift off to sleep.
Scene 6 -Mommy Gianna & Friend - Pissy Pants - Humiliation
You arrive home having peed your pants outside and Mommy Gianna is not impressed! She rushes you inside and tells you what a disgusting, dirty boy you are while she has to clean you up & put you in diapers. Mommy's friend comes over and is shocked to see her husband in diapers and baby clothes! Gianna explains that he needs diapers & you are embaressed. They feed you and play with you.
Scene 7 - Mommy B Wet Pants - Stern yet Nice Mommy
You had to wear a diaper to work and you come home with a soaked diaper. Mommy B is happy that you didn't your diaper at work and she changed you into a thick cloth diaper with plastic pants over. Then comes the AB clothing. She put you in the high chair and gives you mushy food. Then it's finally play time with lots of toys and even a singing horse! You get tucked into the crib for nap time.
7 POV point of view infantlism ABDL mom scenes where YOU get diapered and get to regress and have a mommy take care of you!! How sweet. Diaper punishment too

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