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  Teachers School Girl Pet 2
Length: 16 minutes
Price: $16.99 USD




Added: 02/28/08 05:11:10 PM

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It's been several months since the cuntbusting battle between school girl Lexi and Ms. Hasselton. Since then Ms. Hasselton got Lexi kicked out of school because of the brawl and hasn't heard from her since. With her cunt feeling better, Ms. Hasselton now has a boyfriend and has forgotten about the fight. But the past is gonna return to haunt her again as she returns home from school to see school girl Lexi resting on her sofa in a lingerie outfit. In shock and outrage, Ms. Hasselton demands to know why Lexi is in her home. Lexi seems to be in good moods and she tells Ms. Hasselton that she just slept with her boyfriend. Lexi praises how good it felt, but Ms. Hasselton changes that immediately by grabbing a hold of Lexi's cunt and squeezes it. Lexi's great pleasure turns to pain quickly. Lexi crashes to the floor in pain, and this fight starts up again with these two hotties in cuntbusting action. You don't want to miss out on this second installment of Teachers School Girl Pet. ENJOY!

  She Spy Sonya and She Spy Sonya in "Revenge is Best Served with a Hit to the Cunt"
Length: 27 minutes
Price: $26.99 USD




Added: 12/17/07 10:46:44 PM

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She Spy Sonya- IF YOUR A FAN OF OBJECT BUSTING, YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE. Erin created a character called She Spy Sonya. Sonya will be a recurring character who'll be involved in many different type of missions that'll involve CUNTBUSTING. Sonya's first mission is to break into a lab and copy some secret information on a disk. However, Sonya's mission will have some road blocks as she encounters a security computer with a mind of it's own. Great clip with alot of hard hitting action. Don't miss She Spy Sonya's first mission. Enjoy. She Spy Sonya in "Revenge is Best Served with a Hit to the Cunt"- Several Months have passed since She Spy Sonya escaped the lab. Her plan for revenge is now in effect. The woman who captured her and her has now forgotten her and is now moving towards her new agenda of evil. The woman's name is Lexi. And her agenda is to smuggle a dangerous powder explosive into the USA. But unknown to Lexi is that an old enemy will appear and put a halt to her plans. The old enemy knows where Lexi is headed. Lexi goes to her destination, a house thats only a front. Unknown to her, a gas starts entering the room while contacts a fellow agent. Great cuntbusting action. An excellent sequel to the previous She Spy Sonya video. After having her pussy violated by Lexi, Sonya is gonna have great pleasure giving out some abuse. Don't miss out, get it today. ENJOY!

  Sisters Revenge and Sexual Violation
Length: 18 minutes
Price: $18.99 USD




Added: 12/17/07 10:38:39 PM

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Sisters Revenge- WILD!!!! Thats the only word that can describe the kind of cuntbusting action that takes place in this video. This video is a little different from my past clips, as these two girls go all out. Lauren and Terri are great friends. But when Terri beats up Lauren's little sister, it changed everything. However, Lauren is torn apart. She wants to get revenge for her sister, but at the same time she doesn't want to hurt her long time friend. Lauren plans to go to Terri's house and confront her and get her to apologize. How will Terri respond to her demands? Sexual Violation- For the past month a woman named Cindy has been breaking into other girls homes and them. She now has her eyes set on a sexy young lawyer named Joy. Cindy Breaks into Joy's home and waits for her. As soon as she hears her coming, Cindy's plan for her own sexual pleasure in underway. But unknown to Cindy, Joy has heard about the attacks and has been ready in case of anything. Cindy takes great pride with what she has between her legs, but she's gonna have more to deal with as her sexual pleasure turns to pain. But don't think Cindy won't get a hand full of Joy's cunt. Joy teaches Cindy a lesson that NO ONE takes advantage of her, and shows it by attacking the one area Cindy has pride in and puts her to the floor. However, Joy will learn how determined Cindy is to take advantage of her. This clip is DEFINITELY for any cuntbusting fan. You'll enjoy seeing these two girl go at it, and violating each others pride. ENJOY!

  Lexi's Self-busting Desire Vol. 3, Lexi's Self-busting Short, Alexis' Self-busting Desire
Length: 20 minutes
Price: $19.99 USD




Added: 12/17/07 10:32:25 PM

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Lexi's Self-busting Desire Vol. 3- Lexi returns to add a third installment of her self cuntbusting talents to complete her self cuntbusting trilogy. She again wears another schoolgirls outfit, but unlike her past busting clips. she gets a little more creative with what she uses to bust herself. To all fans of Lexi's self cuntbusting clips. Enjoy. Lexi's Self-busting Short- Sexy Lexi is at it again and doing what she loves, and thats abusing her own cunt. Lexi is wearing a sexy pink lingerie skirt to add to her selfbusting desire. Lexi then removes the pink lingerie to reveal another sexy lingerie underneath. Don't miss out of this new installment of Lexi's Selfbusting desire. Enjoy! Alexis' Self-busting Desire- Newcomer to our Cuntbusting world Alexis admired Lexi's Selfbusting desire and loved the idea of doing one herself. She bashes her own cunt with her leaving her doubled over, and at times falling to her knees. See this new hottie beat her own cunt. Enjoy

  Lexi's Self-busting Desire Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Length: 24 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD




Added: 12/17/07 10:13:47 PM

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VOL. 1- New comer Lexi LOVES cuntbusting. She's all dressed up in her school girl outfit and can't wait to bust her own cunt. This sexy girl goes all out with the blows. She really drills it in with multiple techniques. But it really gets hot when Lexi decides to take off her high heel shoes and starts ramming it into her own cunt. VERY HOT!!!!! VOL. 2- By popular demand, Lexi has returned to give you another installment of her self cuntbusting talents. She once again wears another one of her sexy schoolgirl outfits to add to the desire. She pounds her cunt full force, and won't stop until she herself submits to her own agony. You do not want to miss this second installment of Lexi's selfbusting talents. Enjoy.

  Cuntbust Beatdown
Length: 23 minutes
Price: $23.99 USD




Added: 12/17/07 10:06:11 PM

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This clip features Alexis our newest cuntbuster to join our videos. In this clip Alexis plays a punk girl that always likes jumping another girl for no reason. Alexis once again jumped another girl, but this time things will be a little different from her past free beatdowns. A cop visits Alexis to ask her some questions, but the cop isn't as she appears. GREAT cuntbusting action. These two girls go at it in an all out cuntbust beatdown. Don't delay, get it today. Enjoy.

  Police Busting
Length: 22 minutes
Price: $19.99 USD




Added: 11/24/07 06:49:05 PM

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An undercover police woman named Erin is running a sting to capture a drug dealer. She's sending another undercover cop named Clarice who'll be wearing a wire. You'll see these hot girls involved in some good cuntbusting action in this scene. You'll see many moves from kicks, knees, punches, grabs/squeezes, slaps, stomps, and to top it off with verbal humiliation. So sit back and have a cuntbusting good time. Enjoy.

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