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Added:  09/21/2008


Its hard to believe after the beating Mutiny gave Holly in their first match that Holly would seek revenge and try taking her on again. Her comeback in 07 has been dissapointing to say the least, and even her most loyal fans have been left to wonder if she can still compete competitively with the new young talent of today. To her credit she approaches this match with a better game plan as she starts out more aggressively and is able to control some of the action. Halfway thru the match its still up for grabs as the girls are even. From that point on Mutiny starts to slowly wear Holly down in dominating fashion. Front and revrse headscissors are applied to where it seems Hollys head may pop off. Mutiny methodically uses schoolgirlpins and breast smothering in the most sexiest of manners. She facesits Holly again proving the first match was no fluke. Its another dominate and sexy win for Mutiny who seems to love punishing her opponents and another devastating loss for Holly who is now re-evaluating her comeback and whether or not to continue on . 100 percent real competitive action ! ENJOY !



Added:  08/29/2008


In our 8 years of filming never have we filmed more facesits, face riding, face bouncing, painfull schoolgirls pins, reverse headscissors, etc than we have in a match than this one !! The action is real, painfull and serious . After one girl gets a submission the other girl is angry that the hold wasnt released right away. She attacks her with anger and applies a serious headcrushing scissors to try and get even but somehow the other girl manages to escape and returns the favor.She stays in control the rest of the way dishing out some serious painfull humiliation. The facesitting is so hard that through out the match you can see one girl wiping her nose which started to bleed from being smothered so hard. Once again one girl would not get off the loser in the final submission and stays astride and really hurts her with painfull a facesit and a schoolgirl pin, which has the loser on the verge of tears, but still her verbal submission and tapping would not be accepted and the punishment continues.We were unsure whether or not to continue filming at this point but we did ! Its all real, and painfully embarassing !! You will love it

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