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Shadow Lane has been a leading producer of original
spanking erotica since 1986. Spanking video stars who
made their debut with Shadow Lane include: Tanya
Foxx, Jennifer Brooks, Christine Justice, Georgia Gold,
Virginia Lewis, Samantha Woodley, Sierra Salem, Susan
Mills, Dolores Cortez, Erica Scott, Bobbie Tawse, Keith
Jones, Tony Elka and Steve Fuller.
Over the years Shadow Lane has featured such charismatic
doms as Stephanie Locke, Alexis Payne, Natasha Sweet,
Brian Tarsis and Dallas and has exposed such
internationally famous subs and switches as Kiri Kelly,
Chelsea Pfeiffer, Star Chandler, Kristie Imboch, Artemis
Antone, Clare Fonda, Amelia Rutherford and Niki Flynn.
Shadow Lane produces traditional over the knee spanking
videos AND explicit sex and spanking vehicles, featuring
such potent stars as Tom Byron, Eva Lux, Butch Simms,
Angella Faith and Sinn Sage. Shadow Lane also offers
many titles where the men get spanked. Shadow Lane's
sprightly scripts are written and directed by Eve Howard,
author of the Shadow Lane novels and former editor of
Spank Hard, Chastise and Stand Corrected magazines.
These videos are expertly filmed from all the right angles
and flawlessly edited for maximum viewing enjoyment.
The romance of discipline lives at Shadow Lane!

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Paddled and Penetrated
  • Paddled and Penetrated
  • Length: 36 minutes
  • Price: $29.95 USD
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Category:  SPANKING F/M

Added:  12/16/2008

Paddled and Penetrated

Starring Gemini and Tom Bryon

Thrill to a severe spanking, paddling, stropping, caning and butt plug discipline video with a male on the receiving end!

Gemini is the strict Librarian who exacts justice from casual readers who fail to return their library books. Tom has kept ten books out, among them, Harriet Marwood, Governess.

Taking her cue from that famous dominant heroine, The strict, British Librarian spanks Tom to a turn, paddles him, straps him, bends him over and humiliatingly a plug into his bottom and then continues with hard discipline, including a smart caning, until he is thoroughly sore, red, filled and embarrassed. Tom is then stood to face the wall and ponder his crime and punishment.

This is a severe spanking scenario with the kind of reprimands that only an English woman is capable of administering. Gemini scolds, spanks and penetrates with laser beam accuracy. We have never produced a male submissive video this explicitly erotic, (what with the plug that keeps popping out and keeps getting shoved back in), but make no mistake, it is a punishment video.

You will grin at the clever ways in which The Librarian gives the still insolently boyish Tom Byron exactly what he deserves, in the most humiliating possible way.

Anal Discipline Spanking
  • Anal Discipline Spanking
  • Length: 43 minutes
  • Price: $29.95 USD
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Category:  SPANKING M/F

Added:  12/16/2008

Anal Discipline Spanking

Starring Angella Faith and Arthur Sire

Angella’s lover senses that she has been bestowing her favors elsewhere.

Unable to deny her own untamable libido, Angella admits that she has been naughty with someone else. The situation obviously demands a spanking.

But Arthur has another surprise for his perverse playmate, a beautiful, heavy glass butt plug, which Angella is made to accept and retain for the entire second half of her disciplinary spanking. Act 1 depicts traditional over the knee spanking, with Angella in a charming portrait collar sundress and crinoline slip.

Act II is staged on a sturdy spanking and discipline horse, upholstered in red leather, serving as the platform for the sensual blonde’s punishment.

Spanking and anal discipline (anal spanking, butt plug and spanking on butt plug) are on this evening’s menu for the bad little thrill seeker. And she whimpers her way to more than one orgasm for dessert.

If you loved Bedroom Discipline & Gentlemen Prefer Brats, you’ll see the same generous amounts of deep anal toy penetration plus spanking in Anal Discipline Spanking.

Running time: 43 minutes (includes bonus preview segments from 3 other similarly explicit Shadow Lane videos)

Our Sorority - Punishment Parade
  • Our Sorority - Punishment Parade
  • Length: 80 minutes
  • Price: $29.95 USD
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Category:  SPANKING F/F

Added:  12/16/2008

Our Sorority - Punishment Parade

Lena Ramone as Carolyn
Beverly Bacci as Ann
and Sinn Sage as Julie

Senior sorority Sister Carolyn (Lena Ramone) calls pledge Ann (Beverly Bacci) on the carpet for lesbian activities in the sorority house with Julie (Sinn Sage). Carolyn maintains that such behavior violates the Lambda Sigma Zeta charter and instantly administers punishment to the lithe brunette. Over the knee spanking over Ann’s panties gives way to bare bottom discipline and then more spanking while Ann is fully nude. Finally, Ann is given a dose of the traditional Lambda Sigma Zeta wooden paddle, which stings like the devil and leaves Ann with a sensation of keen resentment against her senior sister.

The following day, Carolyn corners pledge Julie and proceeds to treat her in exactly the same way, reiterating that Lambda Sigma Zeta girls don’t act that way. Or at least they don’t get caught. As with Ann, Carolyn spanks and roundly scolds the beautiful and boldly unrepentant Julie, beginning on her pantied rear, progressing to bare bottom and concluding by subjecting Julie to a fully nude spanking scene.

Presently, Ann and Julie discuss their punishments and decide to look up the exact sorority rules against erotic fraternization between sisters. They find out there are no such rules. And then they decide to retaliate as only a Lambda Sigma Zeta woman can.

Ann and Julie confront Carolyn with her of power, but promise not to report her, so long as they can repay her in kind. The pretty pledges remind Carolyn that Lambda Sigma Zeta has always been the sorority of free sexual expression, and not just with men. Ann and Julie thoughtfully conclude that their senior sister Carolyn is so sexually repressed that she has been sublimating her desires into bullying the pledges and subjecting them to unfair corporal punishments, simply to get a thrill.

Carolyn cannot argue with the Lambda Sigma Zeta charter but bears her subsequent discipline, at the hands of the pledges, under extreme protest. The two younger women immediately take charge of their controlling senior sister, spanking her, stripping her, strapping her and thoroughly embarrassing her by scolding her with pinpoint accuracy as to her sexual frustration and corporal punishment fixation. It’s a terrific scene of girls spank girl, as they two unjustly punished pledges get their sweet revenge for the indignities they have suffered at Carolyn’s hands.

When Carolyn is quite undone by the relentless barrage of bare bottom discipline, Ann discreetly retires, encouraging Julie to teach Carolyn exactly what she taught her earlier in the week, that is, the most charming and effective techniques of lesbian love making. Having mastered Carolyn first with her hand and paddle, Julie proceeds to ravish her sex starved senior sister with her fingers, lips and luscious, lissome body. Giving Carolyn the ultimate pleasure with her mouth and tongue, Julie then suggests that Carolyn return the favor to her with the use of a cute little vibrator, which slips into her creamy pussy as though it were made for it. A beautiful and delicate but fully explicit woman to woman love scene unfolds, with both sweet young ladies succumbing to climaxes as it draws to an end. Then once again the familiar motto is intoned: Lambda Sigma Zeta forever!

Punishment Parade is a lush and bountiful set of spanking scenes starring three vivacious performers filming at Shadow Lane for the first time. The dialog is witty and incisive, the faces arresting and interesting, the bodies slim and sexy, the spanking exciting, the costumes enchanting and the subsequent full nudity enticing. It concludes with a delicious lesbian interlude of oral sex and dildo insertion that is guaranteed to delight all fans of explicit female-to-female erotica. Altogether, Punishment Parade is redolent of enthusiasm, creative energy, classic femininity and sophisticated sexuality. This is one of those videos that will not only arouse you, but it will make you feel good about being into spanking.

Hot Seat
  • Hot Seat
  • Length: 49 minutes
  • Price: $29.95 USD
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Category:  SPANKING M/F

Added:  12/16/2008

Hot Seat

Starring Niki Flynn as Patti Palmer and
Keith Jones as Mr. Hardwick
br>Mr. Hardwick (Keith Jones), who is about to patent a revolutionary alternative energy invention, interviews Miss Patti Palmer (Niki Flynn) to be his secretary. Her qualifications are good but the leggy brunette cinches the deal by wearing a micro minute dress that sensationally reveals her shapely form to her new employer’s appreciative gaze.

Mr. Hardwick advises Miss Palmer that his business is highly competitive, sternly cautioning her against discussing anything to do with his business with anyone she may meet in the village.

Mr. Hardwick assures Patti that if she does a good job and makes his life easier, that she will receive raises and bonuses in due course. But he also warns her that if she proves a slacker or gives any of his customers unsatisfactory service that she will be spanked!

As she really wants the job, Patti Palmer promises to be a good employee without arguing about the spanking condition.

Patti Palmer fails to take Mr. Hardwick’s injunctions about efficiency seriously as she seizes the first opportunity to idle in the hot tub rather than attend to her duties. Greatly incensed by her lack of respect, Mr. Hardwick pulls her dripping wet and fully nude from the spa, turns her under his arm and spanks her hard. Then he marches her inside his house and continues to spank the slim and luscious naked brunette over his knee.

Mr. Hardwick is even more upset when he confronts Patti Palmer about lunching and drinking in the village taproom with one of his competitor’s sons. Doesn’t she realize how much inebriants can loosen one’s tongue? And after she had promised to be discreet! Inevitably, Patti Palmer must be spanked and spanked hard over her boss’ lap.

Now suspicious that his new employee may be just the type of industrial spy he feared, Mr. Hardwick keeps a constant watch on Patti and soon catches her trying to smuggle the blue prints for his invention out of his house. Suspecting she may have also downloaded additional vital information from his computer, Mr. Hardwick insists that Patti submit to an immediate strip search. When a memory stick is found protruding from under Patti’s bra, Mr. Hardwick decides that a serious and extensive interrogation is in order. Patti is bent over a stool for a spanking in her sexy black lingerie, heels and sheer hose. Next she is taken over Mr. Hardwick’s knee again. Gradually Patti begins to talk about her role as a corporate spy, not for Mr. Hardwick’s competitor in the village but for a foreign power!

More persuasion is needed to Patti Palmer to reveal exactly whom she has been working for and how much she is getting paid. It takes a good old-fashioned strapping to elicit this confession and that licking is administered severely with Mr. Hardwick’s own leather belt. At last, Patti is made to tell all and agree to cooperate with Mr. Hardwick in every way to foil the dastardly invention thieves.

Hot Seat is a serious and strict corporal punishment video featuring one of the world’s leading spanking actresses filming with Shadow Lane for the first time. Lovely Niki Flynn’s is completely engaged in the action and her reactions are splendid throughout. (Also, her body is a WOW!) Keith is more of a martinet in the scenario than ever before and the spankings are uniformly severe. Hot Seat is a classic discipline scenario centered on the misdeeds and reformation of very bad girl, for those who like it hard.

The Mischief Makers
  • The Mischief Makers
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Price: $29.95 USD
  • Add To Cart Buy Now

Category:  SPANKING M/F

Added:  12/14/2008

The Mischief Makers

After the stock market crash, Henry suffers a nervous collapse. The poor man's nerves in tatters, he craves a quiet life. So naturally he quails to discover that his two orphaned, distant girl cousins will be staying with him for a month! While crunching tranquilizers, he earnestly begs the girls to respect his desire for total peace and quiet at all times, petitioning them to also refrain from ever creating a mess. (Sure, Cousin Henry, dream on!) Amber is blatantly naughty while Crystal prefers to be nice, but when they deliberately disturb Cousin Henry, they both get spanked hard!

The action commences with a rare and tantalizingly spontaneous spanking on the shorty shorts scene. Next comes a bare bottom spanking interlude, presenting the girls in adorable matching skirt and sweater outfits, with embarrassing corner time for the instigator Amber.

The final spanking scene, provoked by a radical, feather-storm pillow fight, displays the shapely imps for discipline in camisoles and boy cut briefs, concludes with a hard bare bottom spanking each and also includes more rosy cheeked corner time for the incorrigible Amber. The little darlings are played to sheer perfection by 19 year old Samantha Woodley as Crystal, (who reacts splendidly to an epic amount of severe hand spanking) and the auburn haired, 21 year old Paris as the consummately impertinent Amber, whose fair skin reddens faster than any girl we've ever seen. Steve Fuller is absolutely wonderful as Cousin Henry, running the gamut from comic deadpan to rip-roaring outrage as the put-upon relation to the two perky hellions. We are truly delighted to present 45 minutes of unremitting spanking enjoyment in The Mischief Makers.

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