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Alice in Vore Land
  • Alice in Vore Land
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • Price: $28.00 USD
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Category:  VORE

Added:  08/26/2010

Alice in Vore Land

Our first Vore DVD "Alice in Vore Land" a collection of the whole vore land series plus two brand new scenes written by Alice herself. First scene is punk rock girl hears a noise, Alice hears a noise coming from the chimney when done it comes and this isn't bringing her presents but it could go for a snack. The next is Alice's Project, She convinces her friend Erica to be consumed by her plant while she films it. this scene is actually shot by Alice while we shoot her to bad the Plant didnt know what was going on and just kept eating. This DVD also contains a ton of behind the scenes footage with Alice bonus features also include a day with Alice as she takes u through a day of shooting a commercial for a local haunted house that she stars in. Also commentary by Alice John and Crew, Pictures taken by Alice of herself and others. It has a little of everything and and so much Vore fun its Voretastic see so awesome We made a name for it!

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